Ptah is male and describes the attribute of a Birkeland Current which is resonant negative charge. He holds the Sceptre through a Djed Column as he describes the process of how electrical power is received through a dielectric, known as the Birkeland Current.

Ptah is father of Nefertum, as he provides the conductive medium known as a Birkeland Current shown by the twisted flax hieroglyph, for inducted charge to flow along.

Ptah - Egyptian Museum Turin, Italy

Hapi explains that many operating resonances create the Birkeland Current, which is a provider of electrical nourishment.

Heqet explains that a Birkeland Current is field aligned current.

Ptah is often shown standing on the plasma pinch hieroglyph, because Birkeland Currents are also one of a class of plasma phenomena called a z-pinch, so named because the azimuthal magnetic fields produced by the current pinches the current into a filamentary cable.

At the Ramesseum Temple, Luxor Sekhmet is shown holding Ptah representing the solar ejection from the anodic Sun nourishing negative charge to the Birkeland Current Ptah, powering a range of phenomenon.

Sekhmet Ptah
Sekhmet with her arms providing power to Ptah. Ramesseum Temple, Luxor

Ptah is often shown flanked by Sekhmet, as Sekhmet is the projected power from the plasma sieve photosphere.

Ramesses Ptah Sekhmet
Ramesses flanked by Ptah and Sekhmet

At a meeting of the American Geophysical Union in December 2012, Tom Bleier described the electric currents associated with large earthquakes as "lightning underground," often exceeding 1 million amperes, and he states that static electricity is the key to predicting earthquakes (Lovett, 2013). Some have pegged the trigger for these currents, and the resulting seismic and volcanic events, to be solar activity (Odintsov 2007; Khain 2007/2008; U-yen 2014). This is also what the hieroglyphs confirm.

What was originally understood as the "High Priest of Ptah" is actually hieroglyphs that describe the dynamics of projecting electrostatic power charging Earth events ...

Negative charge Electrostatic Collected, Project power to Electric field

And the hieroglyphs for "Sem priest of Ptah'...

Seeking Electrostatics

The Earth is a capacitor described by Nephthys, and the charge/discharge phases of a capacitor model are dictated by Sekhmet, the primary source of her power being the Sun.

Ptah combined with Sekhmet describes the process powering natural events on the Earth ...

Scientists describe a displacement current that occurs with an Earthquake. Along with heating effects, you have sudden change in the magnetic field and before the Earthquake, compression of the ionosphere, which is a change in the electric field visible seen as Earthquake Lights.

Resonance of negative charge is 'collected and incident (or as the hieroglyphs describe sewn in) to the ground'.

Electrically Induced Earthquake

Between the Ionosphere and the Earth is a dielectric insulator - air; so the Earth is a big capacitor explained by Nephthys and a Djed Column.

The Earth has layers of electric potential. On Earth's surface there's a net charge of about one million Coulombs and between the surface and the stratosphere there's a potential difference of about 300,000 Volts and it fluctuates all the time.

The electric field or capacitor works as layers, upon layers from externally to underground. For example: the first Van Allen Radiation Belt consists mostly of positive and negative charges.

If you move towards the outer layer of the Van Allen Radiation Belt, it's mostly negative charges. If you go back to the surface of the Earth, on average, its negative charges; so it's a charge alternation of positive and negative and positive and negative.

So by having charge separation there you have a capacitor and an electric field. When you have an electric field you can have stress and this is represented by the Djed Column.

Stress always exists in mediums when charges are separated, natural disasters are the result of energy released from stress, then restoring locally.

If that stress is in the upper lithosphere, and if there's a huge amount of charge just moving along then the stress build up in those rocks can cause Earthquakes.

So when the charge accumulates up to a sudden point, as a threshold, so you have a current discharge occur between two conductors where there's dielectric store of energy; so you can have Earthquakes occur underground, which is a sudden phenomenon.

Scientists describe a displacement current that occurs when the Earthquake occurs. Along with heating effects, you have sudden change in the magnetic field and before the Earthquake occurs, we also have compression of the ionosphere, which is a change in the electric field visible seen as Earthquake Lights.

Kongpop U-Yen - Space Induced Natural disasters - The Dynamics of Sekhmet & Ptah
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