His name is depicted as a twist of flax and a pair of raised arms defining the stability of the Birkeland Current Magnetic Ropes. He was generally considered to be the son of Menhet and Khnum as Heka's stability helps with the well being and electrical nourishment of a celestial body.

Egyptians believed that with the help of Heka, they could influence the world of the gods and gain protection, healing and support. However Heka is the stablility of birkeland currents electricity supplied to a celestial body, allowing for the creation of Khnum. Ptah shows the aspect of the Birkeland Current as resonant negative charge.

The basic functions of Heka is detailed in the text called the Instruction for Merikara, Heka is explained as the divine gift of the sun god Ra in an honour to humankind. Birkeland currents flow from the Sun to Earth, like a gift from the Sun powering the celestial body, allowing life to flourish.

Heka is the supporting energy that connects the subjects, resources and other symbols of life with the almighty universe, it was said that a 'magician' must attempt to learn in order to work magic in an effective way.

Ka - Stability
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