Bastet is female and therefore part of the circuitry of the cosmos... She often holds the Sistrum meaning she detects electric field resonance conditions.

The Sistrum, which is an electrical device used for detecting electric field conditions and not a musical instrument. One Sistrum read God's Electric induction supporting life...


The hearing range of the cat for sounds of 70 dB SPL extends from 48 Hz to 85 kHz, giving it one of the broadest hearing ranges among mammals. Analysis suggests that cats evolved extended high-frequency hearing without sacrifice of low-frequency hearing. Cats also have 32 muscles in each of their outer ears, compared to 6 in humans, which give directional control over a full 180 degrees, allowing the cat to hone in on the exact source of a sound removing interference.

The Gayer Anderson Cat clearly shows the Ostrich Feather in each ear, the Ostrich Feather is already decoded as meaning a negative charge collector. Its position on the Cat explains the collection of negative charge at a wide frequency range due to Cats having a broad spectrum of hearing. The Khepri Beetle is then shown on the Cats Brain, the Scarab Beetle already decoded as meaning "Conduction" (see Khepri) explains how the bioelectric impulses of the senses including thought are received, transmitted and then stored, with Canopic Jars as a metaphor for this process of storage.

When radio waves impinge upon a conductor, they couple to the conductor, travel along it and induce an electric current on the conductor surface by moving the negative charge of the conducting material in correlated bunches of charge. Such effects can cover macroscopic distances in conductors (such as radio antennas), since the wavelength of radiowaves is long. The Bastet Cat explains this phenomenon by the placement of Ostrich Feather in both Ears and then the Scarab Beetle on the Cats brain where conductive neurons are located. It shows how resonance of the Senses, is achieved using bioelectric oscillations. This is also directional receiver, as Cats Ears are able to reduce outside interference or noise by directing to the source of the transmission. In a similar way directional antennas provide increased performance.

So Bastet explains how the SPIRIT is stored, shown by the CANOPIC JAR as STORED ELECTRICAL IMPULSES and OSCILLATIONS from the senses including THOUGHT.

Naming the Cat on its collar...

Bastet Gayer Anderson Wedjat Brain Waves Bastet
Gayer Anderson Cat - Bastet - Beta Brain Wave

Gayer Anderson Cat has its name attached to its collar and is the Wedjat meaning impulses of the senses that make up the spirits, shown inside a square, the true name of the Cat meaning the 'Resonance of the Senses / spirit'. A cat purrs between 16 and 28 Hz which is the frequency of Beta Brain waves, a frequency range used by the senses to communicate information. Kheprer, the Scarab beetle is also shown below the collar defining conduction of this electricity along plasma birkeland current streams. Gayer Anderson Cat could define the transmission of our senses including thought across the electric circuit of the Universe as a longitudinal spectrum. There are no isolated islands in space.

- Hieroglyphs Defining the Cat...

Cat - Electric Field Collector Supported Charge Store

Bastet as a Cat, has been depicted as fighting the long bodied snake named Apep. This is describing the physics of stars, the long body and ectotherm nature of the snake is describing the stars absorption of negative charge from the surrounding space.

Hieroglyph W1 - Oil Jar.. Her name was associated with the lavish jars in which Egyptians stored their oil known by Egyptologists as Kyphi, using GodElectric.org hieroglyphs Kyphi is the fuel of stars, and described as the 'burning' of negative charge toward the anode...

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