Dark matter, and dark energy do not exist. Our Galaxy, like all other spiral galaxies is rotating. The stars move on orbits around the centre of the Galaxy. The Peregrine Falcon known as Horus describes the Strong Electric Field supporting the Sun and the snake encircled as the corona displays both the absorption and ejection attributes of the stars and how they support life.

Ra in the Tomb of Nefertari
Plasma Torus
Polar view of the Sun
Horus - Suns Strong Electric Field

The Sun receives its energy externally, described thousands of years ago in tombs across Egypt as the body of a snake encircling the surface of the Sun as the Corona. Snakes are cold blooded ectotherm animals, they use external sources of energy to regulate body temperature. In the God Electric Kingdom stars behave in a similar way, absorbing energy from the Universe to power their interiors. It explains why the sun has a reverse temperature gradient, meaning the Sun increases in temperature as you increase the distance from the surface of the Sun. Stars are not isolated bodies powered by thermonuclear reaction, if they were a sunspot would reveal its white hot fusion core, and not the dark, cold interior we see through our telescopes.

Coronal Mass Ejection
Coronal Mass Ejection (CME)
Sunspot showing the cold dark interior of the Electric Sun

The expanded hood of the snake represents the ejection from the stars Corona, otherwise known as Coronal Mass Ejection or CME that delivers cosmic rays. When the cosmic rays or Xrays are a negative charge wave (cathode ray) the process is explained in further detail by Renenutet. When larger negative charges are ejected, what the hieroglyphs describe as a store of negative charge (we describe as Muon particle) the electric nourishment is represented by Tefnut using the Pot hieroglyph.

Reed Plait and Sun
Reed Plait and Sun Hieroglyphs representing Birkeland Current Connection to the Sun

the God Electric Kingdom the star is primarily an electrical phenomenon, a power-consuming "pinch", or a load in a galactic circuit of Birkeland currents that form a focus within a galactic glow discharge. The Electric model on the left proposes that the Suns circuit acts like a transformer generating secondary currents that generate varying magnetic fields. The hieroglyphs show the action of the positive sun as illustrations in pyramids and tombs all across the world. GodElectric discovered that Mythology is the true Physics of the Universe expressed through the plants and animals on Earth. The plants and animals used in Egyptology present functions and natural principles of the Universe and how the star is nourished with electricity. The following animals and objects to explain the attributes of an Electric Sun:

The Electric Sun Khepri
Ramesses Tomb - Animals showing Solar Conduction and Sheath

Or you can watch this short video introducing the Electric Sun hieroglyphs on Youtube here... The Suns External Electric Field is explained in further detail by Hathor, Amentet and Horus

GOES Xray Flux data is shown below and gives an indication of our stars solar activity, spikes in the chart are representive of the Cobra ejecting venom from the anode Sun, this is described in further detail by Renenutet, Tefnut...

Solar Wind

If you wish to find out how we defend against the Cobra or Solar ejections from our Star, please see Khnum.

When Set is applied to the Sun he describes the process that creates Sunspots. Apep shows how the process of induction (Atum) controls ejection at the Corona, and by controlling resonance of a star the corona can grow in size absorbing more energy, the dynamics are explained in further detail by Apep.

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