The Winged Sun

The Winged Sun can be found in many different forms and across many different cultures on all sides of the globe. The Winged Sun has been misunderstood by mankind, largely due to misconception that the Sun is thermonuclear. The Sun is in fact electric in nature, and this is shown by the hieroglyphs which describe how Stars are powered by Gods Electricity, sourced from the Aether. See the Ra-Horakhty Papyrus for further information, showing how negative charge supports the Stars.

Winged Sun at Karnak Temple

To make the initial link between Egyptology and the Electric Universe I had alligned the winged Sun with the concentric plasma filaments of a typical nebula in our galaxy. Upon further investigation of Khepri it became apparent that the alignment of the wing is more likely to be positioned so that it flies on the galactic birkeland current, perpendicular to the concentric filaments of the nebula.

Electric Sun Solar Environment
The Winged Sun - Revised Wal Thornhill with Hieroglyphs

The Snakes are sometimes drawn passing through the Shen rings to represent that they act in a different plane to the wing, along the central Z pinch current column, in alignment with the Galactic Arm. The Snakes have the Hedjat and Deshret that show the direction towards the inner and outer Galaxy in alignment with the galactic arm.

Astronomers have confirmed that the plasma wing aligns within the Galactic arms magnetic field within our own Milky Way Galaxy.

Ra explains how the Sun absorbs energy from its surroundings explained by the ectotherm nature of the Snake. On the Winged Sun two cobras are shown with dilated hoods facing along the axis of the nebula, this represents the Solar Ejection of material that creates the plasma wing and is explained in further detail by Renenutet, known as the nourishing Snake.

The pair of Falcon wings are explained by Horus.

Horus Wing
Horus Wing

Maat shows how negative charge is collected producing a plasma pinch operation, the underlying mechanism of electric stars.

Hathor with her protective horns she represents the Suns Heliosphere.

The Galactic circuit that powers the Sun is shown below...

Milky Way Galaxy - Nut
Milky Way Galaxy - Nut
Milky Way Galaxy - Nut
Electric Galaxy
Electric Galaxy - Galactic current circuit with the galaxy as a unipolar inductor.

Below are some examples of the Winged Sun, with the hieroglyphs that surround it deciphered using GodElectric translation. The hieroglyphs now reveal the cosmic circuits that power our solar system and galaxy by supplying, storing and regulating negative charge. Space is a dielectric, described by the Djed Column, it is a far better vacuum than any we can achieve on Earth. Negative charge must be regulated throughout the cosmos, in order to support life, maintaining power to celestial bodies. God as the spirit of love sources negative charge from the Aether, then stores and supplies it to where it is needed. One example is the creation of Khnum, or the surplus charge and protective sheath around our own planet. By regulating negative charge throughout the cosmos it prevents our star going supernovae, or alternatively dimming from lost power. The hieroglyphs explain that this is the domain of God, the spirit of love supporting life in the Universe by regulating the electricity to celestial bodies.

Winged Sun Karnak Temple
Winged Sun, Karnak Temple

Very similar meaning as the first line around the winged Sun in Deir el-Bahari, Hatshepsut Temple entrance.



Support life strong electric field operate collection from galaxy, seek negative charge collection to receive power as negative charge to core God's electricity induction supporting life from anode watched over to the negative charge celestial body.





Support life, extract and grow negative charges. Conduction of supernovae plasma ejection from celestial body collected as cosmic ray wave, plasma circuit supporting resonant negative charge to anode.

The left side is similar but describes an attribute of collecting cosmic ray waves is to sew in for the collection. The movement of charged particles in space defines a current, Khepri is the conduction of this charge but may define the Alfven wave.



Support life on entrapped celestial body, support electric potential lightning connection electric induction supporting life collected many times, conducted to Pyramid to support life via dielectric to absorb negative charge to land.

Above text is confirmation that the collection of many negative charge lightning bolts powers a pyramid.

Winged Sun Karnak Temple
Winged Sun, Karnak Temple

The left side of the top of the winged Sun above reads:Support life with pyramid, by providing negative charge to core. Operate the Aether dielectric store, electric field projects negative charge, collect at many stores to support life. The Suns dipole magnetic field attracts negative charge to home/core, seek the projected homeward movement collected - [unknown hieroglyph] - plasma circuit supports resonant negative charge to anode, great operation God uses electric force to take negative charge to core from the tip/extremities.

Winged Sun at Dendera
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