Pyramidion of Ramose

The Pyramidion of Ramose is made of limestone, has a height of 70cm and comes from a small pyramid in Deir el-Medina. On the North and South faces Horus is shown as the strong coronal electric field supporting the anodic Sun. On the East and West faces the hands are raised showing the electric force provided by the structured plasma.

North Face of Ramose Pyramidion

The north face of the Ramose Pyramidion explains the attribute of Horus as the strong coronal electric field of the Sun gifting the Ankh as a support to Life. It reads

• Strong coronal electric field supporting the Sun, negative charge induction.

• Weak electric field is an attribute of the anode Sun.

• Electricity supporting life to core charge store God.

Pyramidion Ramose North
Pyramidion of Ramose - North
Horus - Strong Coronal Electric Field Negative Charge - Like Electron Induction
Electric Field - Weak
Attribute Positive Charge - Anode Sun
Ankh - Support Life
[To Core]
Charge Store

South Face of Ramose Pyramidion

The South face of the Ramose Pyramidion shows Horus standing in a dipole magnetic field supporting the strong coronal electric field of the Sun. The hieroglyphs read:

• The Stellar dipole magnetic field is supported by many negative charges or electrons.

• Attribute of God is a great operation monitoring and recording the anodic Sun plasma link connection.

Pyramidion Ramose South
Pyramidion of Ramose - South
Akhet - Sun Resting in Magnetic Stellar Dipole Negative Charge - Like Electron Many
Attribute God Great
Operation Monitor & Record Positive Charge - Anode Sun Plasma Link

East Face of Ramose Pyramidion

The east face of the Ramose Pyramidion shows the support for the structured plasma, her hands are held up representing the electric force on the perpendicular face to the North South axis of Horus, the strong coronal electric field.

• Structured plasma watched, attribute supporting life projecting power (negative charge) to support charge store (celestial body) electrostatic resonance.

• Seek home structured plasma to land negative charge projection by God as lightning attribute support celestial body via connection giving movement and [light].

• [To be deciphered].

• [To be deciphered].

Pyramidion Ramose East
Pyramidion of Ramose - East
Structured Plasma Vision - Watching Project Power Support Charge Store Resonance
Seek Home- Core Land Negative Charge Projector God Lightning Connection
Akhet - Sun Resting in Magnetic Stellar Dipole Magnetic Quadrupole - Focusing Gravity Wave / Frequency Resonance Plasma Link Collector Outer Galaxy

East and West faces of the Pyramidion show the structured plasma and have arms showing the Electric force from Horus on the North and South faces.

West Face of Ramose Pyramidion

The West face of the Ramose Pyramidion shows the electrostatic negative charge collection of the Sun.

• Seek structured plasma birkeland currents of the Sun to provide negative charge to the core (home).

• Attribute of the strong coronal electric field of the sun supporting life is electric discharge lightning connection. Movement Plasma Sheath Shell by supernovae frequency transmission collected, great gravitational movement of the anode Sun birkeland current.

• Negative charges (electrons) electrostatic collection focused frequency. Negative charge absorbed by resonance via plasma link, frequency collected and watched over structured plasma. Attribute of projecting power to support a charge store and its electrostatic resonance.

• Stars electric force monitored and recorded, projection operation of the suns ejection to celestial body injection monitored and recorded, resonant negative charge injection transmission to celestial body to core (home) negative charge.

Pyramidion Ramose West
Pyramidion of Ramose - West
SeekStructured Plasma Longitudinal Wave Carrier - Birkeland Current
Attribute - Strong Electric Field Support Life Lightning Connection Maintain Movement Plasma Sheath Shell Collector Supernovae Energy - Plasma Ejection Wave / Frequency Transmission Gravity
Negative Charge Electrostatic Collector
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