Min is male and can be understood as the process of Electrostatic Discharge which supports an electromagnetic nebulae.

Wilhelm Reich studied biological sexual energy or life energy. Like an electric charge over the surface of the body. Energy that charges organic matter. It was studied, and is known that sexual energy is highest in teenagers, where related activity can lead to static and interference with electric and electronic equipment. The phallus therefore is not intended to be in anyway indecent, and is instead a symbol of the process of electrostatic discharge that pervuades the cosmos.

The phallus is also used because it is a symbol of creation, and electrostatic discharge is a mechanism for creation in the God Electric Kingdom. Min often has hieroglyphs showing that he supports the Nebula, at the centre of a Nebula is the star with focused electrostatic discharge phenomenon occuring.

Min is shown below at Luxor Temple, discharging from the pot meaning a charge store representing the electrostatic discharge phenomenon.

Min (Right), Temple of Luxor

To the left side of Min the hieroglyphs read, "Electrostatic discharge supported by gravity transmit surplus charge. Watched over. Pyramid supports life on celestial body as supported charge store."

The hieroglyphs next to Min read "Pyramid, Electromagnetic waves Anode collect many negative charged to Sun."

Min is clockwork of the universe, why he holds the flail.

As the process of Electrostatic Discharge Min was thought to control thunder and rain (linking him to Set).

Min was also considered to be the husband of Isis, the structured plasma of the cosmos linking the Stars and the father of Horus because in the God Electric Kingdom, Stars are electrostatic discharge phenomenon.

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