Shu is the Plasmasphere, defined by the hieroglyphs as 'The Electric Field that Collects Plasma'. The Plasmasphere is a torus shaped region of charged particles that co-rotate with the Earth above the Ionosphere, the Van Allen belts overlap this region. Scientists have discovered that the Van Allen Radiation Belts are a giant electric field. The main belts extend from an altitude of about 1,000 to 60,000 kilometres above the surface of the earth collecting plasma.

Van Allen Radiation Belts
Shu - Plasmasphere and Van Allen Radiation Belts

The illustration below shows the Earths electrical environment, Nut is the plasma link birkeland current that links the stars and is attached to each pole of the earth at the ends of Geb. In 2008 the Themis spacecraft confirmed that giant Birkeland currents connect the Earth’s upper atmosphere to the Sun at the poles. The four Ankhs linked through Shu's arms describe the Plasmasphere and Van Allen Radiation Belts as the most important factor in sustaining life on the planet. Barques are shown on both sides of Nut, their purpose is labelled 'Projecting electrical power to support life in the Universe'.

Earths Electrical Environment
Electrical Environment of the Earth - Cassell, Petter and Galpin Illustrated Bible

The ionosphere is an Electrical Conductor, and the source and sink of the Plasmasphere. It is shown in the illustration above by the levitating basket supporting Shu, the basket defines the ionosphere as the positive charge electrode. Geb is labelled by the hieroglyphs in the illustration as the negative electrode charge collector. Together they form the relationship of a spherical self repairing capacitor described by Nephthys with the Djed Column as the dielectric.

Shu protects Geb, Horus and the Wedjat from the Sun with his arms that stretch out into space, this represents the Van Allen Belts. The Van Allen Belts are almost toroidal in shape and consist mainly of high energy (0.1–10 MeV) electrons.

Horus is shown either side of Shu as the strong electric field collector, defining the electric field that exists near the ionosphere . Geb and Horus both show the Ostrich feather meaning a collector, as they collect energy from Nut. Shu the Plasmasphere is also receptor of power and can be charged up in a process described by Banebdjed.

Shu’s arms are in the Ka position that define stability, without stability of the plasmasphere and Van Allen Belts the atmosphere below would be stripped bare. Shu and Tefnut are usually mentioned together, and it was said that Shu and Tefnut were two parts of one soul. For Tefnut to create moisture he triggers a cascade of negative charge or electron flow from Shu, and moisture is paramount to all water based life on Earth. This is explained in further detail by the creation of lightning with Meskhenet

The Wedjat defines the senses, including 'thought', and is shown in the space between Geb and the positive electrode basket known as the ionosphere cavity it is defined by Nephthys. Changes to the ionosphere and the earth’s magnetic field are associated with changes in brain and nervous system activity, performance of athletic, memory and other tasks.

The Creation of Schumann Resonance is another attribute that supports life, shown by the connection of Shu to Geb using the Djed Column and the Ankh. This represents the spark gap between the positive and negative electrodes, generating lightning. Lightning occurs primarily around the equatorial regions of earth and this is shown by the central location of the Djed Column to Geb. The limited dimensions of the earth cause this waveguide to act as a resonant cavity for electromagnetic waves caused by lightning strikes and this is known as Schumann Resonance.

Shu was also considered to hold power over snakes, protecting Geb from solar ejections and the Sun, Ra. In the figurine below, also known as the Tutankhamen headrest, Shu supports a curved non-Euclidean surface above his head, likely to imitate the interior surface of the Plasmasphere. The Plasmasphere determines the growth and propagation of Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radio waves which can trigger earthquakes and other natural phenomenon. The shape and density of the Plasmasphere is constantly changing, primarily due to changes in the underlying ionosphere, the source and sink of the plasmasphere.

Plasmasphere Shu and Tutankhamen headrest
Plasmasphere (Perpendicular) - Tutankhamen headrest as Shu the Plasmasphere.

The lion symbolizes magnification, it has unusual set of vocal cords that have a flat square shape, giving them the ability to magnify sound, making the lion one of the loudest animals on Earth. The Tutankhamen headrest shown above has two lions positioned facing North and South at the poles, when the lions are positioned like this they normally have a lotus leaf located on their side to represent the glow of the Auroras. The lions show that energy is magnified by thousands of times using the magnetic field lines of the earth, strengthened by gathering energy from electrons within the Van Allen radiation belts. Known as Tesla Magnifying Resonance effect, the injection of small signals into the energy belts creates something like a super transistor effect, altering the motion of free electrons thousands of miles out from the Earths surface. The Tesla Magnifying Resonance effect can control enormous energies by minuscule triggering signals at the poles of the Earth. The phenomenon is already used by the military, with a number of bases located around the poles of the Earth, they launch covert environmental warfare for banking cartels, disobeying the hieroglyphs entirely.

Tesla Magnifying Resonance Tutankhamen headrest Earth Magnification
Polar North-South Lions as Tesla Magnifying Resonance using the Earth

The chart below shows Shu in action as the Electric Field of the Plasmasphere and Van Allen Belts surrounding planet Earth. The chart shows electron flux levels in the Van Allen L shell, the red and purple colours indicate a greater charge collected and correspondingly a stronger electric field. The mechanism is mostly driven by Solar Wind that charges the plasmasphere, this negative charge electricity is then released through holes in the ionosphere, explained by Meskhenet and Set driving electrical systems on the Earth such as Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Weather Systems...

van allen shell
Van Allen Belt (Plasmasphere) L-Shell Electron Flux Charged by Solar Wind

Schumann Resonance


The Earth is surrounded in an atmosphere of radiation where cosmic rays are bombarding the earth continuously from all directions, at about 90 kilometers above the earth's surface atmospheric gas density becomes low enough to support the conditions for a plasma. This plasma forms a conductive layer which becomes the positive electrode ionosphere displayed by Nephthys, a spherical self-repairing capacitor that can accumulate and store charge in the earth's electric field.

Shu Ionosphere Lightning Schumann Resonance
Schumann Resonance Cavity and Lightning - Meskhenet

The ionosphere is shown as a circular sieve hieroglyph, it explains the action of the spherical ionospheric sieve allowing some radio waves to penetrate the earth while reflecting others. One of the Ionospheres functions is Schumann Resonance frequency, a quasi standing electromagnetic wave that exists in earth's cavity because at any given moment there are about 1000 lightning storms. It is known that life DNA sequences communicate and replicate with this background energy frequency making it an important factor in sustaining life on a planet.

Magnetic Spectrogram Schumann Resonance
Magnetic Field Spectrogram data showing Schumann Resonances
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