Nephthys is a Self-repairing Capacitor. The hieroglyphs describe her as the accumulator of negative charge, with an inner negative electrode surrounded by an enclosure that supports an outer positive electrode. When Nephthys represents the Earth her hieroglyphs represent the following:

Nephthys - Musée du Louvre, Paris, France.
Nephthys Sarcophagus
Nephthys Sarcophagus

A Capacitor is made of two conductors separated by an insulating medium. When charge is placed on one conductor it attracts charge of the opposite polarity on the other conductor. As a result, an electric field is set up between the conductors, with a reservoir of electrostatic energy, the resonant energy of this field is known as Anubis.

Earth - Spherical Capacitor
Earth as a Spherical Self-repairing Capacitor.
Parallel-Plate Capacitor

Nephthys is supplied with electricity at Neith, the connection between Geb and Nut, allowing for the nourishment of God's Electricity to Earth via structured plasma in space. In 2009 Themis satellite discovered twisted magnetic field lines of plasma stretching out to the Sun with in excess of 100,000 Amperes flowing into the poles of the Earth. This discovery confirmed that the Earth is not a dynamo, but instead a collector of Charge through Birkeland Currents connected to the Sun. As a capacitor, Nephthys enables the accumulation and store of charge in the Earth's electric field.

Planetary Faraday
Planetary Faraday Disc Motor
Earths Electrical Environment
Earths Electrical Environment

When Nephthys is representing the Earth, she explains the action of a Self-repairing Spherical Capacitor. Her two conductors are separated by an insulating medium air, with the inner Negative Electrode as the earth, and the outer Positive Electrode Enclosure as the Ionosphere or basket supporting Shu the plasmasphere. A capacitor is important for its ability to rapidly store and release electrical energy, as the charge on the capacitor increases, the electric field between the conductors will increase, placing a growing stress on the insulator. At some critical point, the insulating medium breaks down and the capacitor short circuits, releasing the stored electrical energy suddenly as lightning. Because the insulating medium is air, fresh insulating material rushes in and the capacitor self-repairs. Lightning happens primarily around the equatorial region because there is greatest electrical potential furthest from the poles, and this is illustrated above by the central location of the Djed Column.

Nephthys is often shown holding the Was or sceptre, explaining that she receives electrical power from Nut and her breast is shown exposed like Nut as she is also a metaphor for the electrical nourishment of a planet. She holds the Ankh, because she is a key to supporting life on a planet, without the electric field surrounding earth there would be no atmosphere.

Below is a video showing the effects of the Electric Field Nephthys represents between the ionosphere or positive electrode 'basket' and the Earth. Electric discharge between the two electrodes, the Earth and the Ionosphere is seen as lightning and explained in further detail by Meskhenet. The hieroglyphs explain how it is God's Electricity or Gods Negative Charge that has maintained the planets charge store and electric environment, allowing the Earth to support life in an Electric Cosmos.

Nikola Tesla also refers to the ground as "a vast reservoir of negative electricity."

In his 'The Problem of Increasing Human Energy.' Tesla quotes - "Whatever electricity may be, it is a fact that it behaves like an incompressible fluid, and the earth may be looked upon as an immense reservoir of electricity..." -N. Tesla 1900

This resevoir has been supported by the Pyramids, which the hieroglyphs explain act as discharge structures used to support the Earth Capacitor, or Earths Electric Field which in turn supports life.

Since the earliest of times, Nephthys was considered to be Set's counterpart, always associated with him because Set describes the weather or flow of electric current through the condenser or capacitor on both the Stars and Planets.

Nephthys was also known to protect Hapi. Hapi as the lungs describing alternating current, represents the supply of electric charge from the cosmos via Birkeland Currents.

Below Nephthys and Isis show propagation of negative charge from the vacuum explaining the Electric Sun:

Nephthys and Isis as the Electric Sun
Electric Sun explained by Isis and Nephthys
Stability Isis - Structured Plasma Resonance Platform [Stool]

From the above picture we can deduce the following:

Everyone is on resonance platform, however seating provides dampening? effect (seating resonates at certain frequency). [Investigate Sun Earth resonance]

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