Tefnut decoded represents the Negative Charge Perforating the Condenser / Negative Charge Store of the Earth as well as other celestial bodies in the Cosmos.

Svensmark Theory
Svensmark Theory

Tefnut is traditionally moisture, dew and rain, depicted as a lioness or a women with a lions head she explains the mechanism for creating clouds in the Milky Way Galaxy. God uses milk as a metaphor for describing electricity in the Universe, as a female with her breast exposed Tefnut is part of the electric circuit of the cosmos that nourishes planets with God's Electricity. Tefnut also holds the Ankh in one hand, showing that she functions as criteria for supporting life on a planet in the God Electric Kingdom. In the other hand she holds the sceptre, with her lion headed aspect this defines the projection of electrical power needed to condense the atmosphere to form moisture.

The hieroglyphs describe in more detail how clouds are created in the God Electric Kingdom. The Cobra normally wrapped as the corona is shown dilated, positioned on top of the anode basket and so defines the ejection from a star. Next, a planet, defined as the negative charge store, is bombarded by the ejection. Negative charge penrforates the atmosphere triggering a cascade of electron flow from Shu the plasmasphere to ground and cloud condensation nuclei are formed, because like charges repel the action of injecting negative charges into the atmosphere is explained by the Horned Viper hieroglyph. The hieroglyphs also describe Tefnut as created by Ra, explaining that energy to create the clouds comes from the same circuit that powers the Sun. It was recently discovered that there is a substantial and significant increase in lightning rates across Europe up to 40 days after the arrival of high speed solar wind emissions.

Svensmark Theory explained to the right is a similar principle, it describes how high energy Negative Charge Muon particles can penetrate the atmosphere with enough energy to set electrons free causing cloud condensation nuclei to form, creating clouds.

Tefnut - God of Moisture Clouds
Tefnut with a head of the lioness

Similar hieroglyphs for Tefnut are as follows:

Solar Ejection from Anode, Negative Charge Wave / Oscilation, Injects Negative Charge

Tefnut - God of Moisture
Menat - Tefnut and Shu
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