Pepi II Pyramid

"Suns stable electric induction supporting life, supernovae plasma ejection wave to support life using pyramid".

Pepi II Pyramid
Pepi II Pyramid
Clad:White Limestone

At Louvre Museum in France is an artefact known as the Pepi II headrest, it shows the function of Pepi II pyramid as a structure that supported life on earth by altering the charge state of the planet, effecting and supporting the interior surface of the plasmasphere.

Pepi II Headrest - Plasmasphere
Headrest Pepi II - Plasmasphere Support

The headrest has a non euclidean shape that is the interior surface of the plasmasphere, trapped plasma surrounds planet Earth and its shape and density is constantly changing. The primary reason for this is changes in the underlying ionosphere, the source and sink of the plasmasphere. The hieroglyphs explain how Shu is the plasmasphere supported by the positive electrode, shown as a basket. The positive electrode or basket is then shown supported by Nephthys, the negative electrode enclosure (or Earth), and between her electrodes is the spherical capacitor of the Earth, or Earths electric field.

Pepi II Headrest supporting the Plasmasphere Pepi II Cartouche Inscription
Pepi II - Plasmasphere Support and Cartouche Inscription

Text Reads: Support Life with Electric field. God Negative Charge Collection to electric field, negative charge delivered from aether via Sun. God Negative charge collection electric field project electric field [Sun A.C. current] pyramid support life receiving power of the sun to support charge store (planet earth).

The ivory column shown supporting the Plasmasphere is the charge state of the planet altered by Pepi II Pyramid in order to support life on Earth.

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