Bes is male and as such does not form part of the electrical circuitry of the cosmos, instead Bes defines Gravity. Gravity is shown by the foot hieroglyph as it is the part of the body where your weight acts through.

Gravity is difficult to display in stone, but Bes defines it very elegantly. This is because Bes is a dwarf, often shown squatting under his own weight to show that he can withstand a greater force of gravity. If Earth's Gravity was ever increased we would evolve to have short powerful stature similar to Bes. Bes also has a headdress which is a plume of feathers, defining gravity as a collector/attractor.

Bes - Gravity

Gravity is explained by the hieroglyphs as an electrical phenomenon.

G is not a constant as the hieroglyphs show you can operate Gravity, this is showed by having the foot and arm hieroglyph together

Dinosaurs provide the hard evidence that gravity is a variable. Also the South wall of Teti Pyramid states that gravity was absorbed into the planet using Pyramids. This is explained because gravity is electrical charge state of a planet and Pyramids are electric discharge points.

Electrical discharge can also be governed by Gravity, the hieroglyphs show this as the foot supporting the discharge of a pot. This is evident as electrical scaring on planets such as Valles Marineris of Mars pictured below and is also known as Kawab.

Valles Marineris Mars
Electrical Scaring - Valles Marineris on Mars

Bes wears a lion around his chest and is shown holding the lion Aker in position by its back legs or tail.

The Bes Headress is similar to Anuket and defines collection/attraction - gravity

To this day scientist are unable to give big G a value... "Either something is wrong with the experiments, or there is a flaw in our understanding of gravity," says Mark Kasevich, a Stanford University physicist who conducted an unrelated measurement of big G in 2007 using atom interferometry. The Metternich Stela may help...

Metternich Stela

Bes Stela
The Metternich Stela or Magical Stela shows Sobek as the Stellar Pinch Supporting Gravity

Stele with Bes show that gravity is supported by the pair of Crocodiles known as Sobek, meaning the pinch effect. Current is confined to small space aligning atoms creating gravity.

During lightning strikes it is known for the Van der Waals or London force to be overcome, changing the state of matter of atoms. This is due to the pinch effect generated by large electric discharge being strong enough to overcome the electric forces within the atom itself. Similarly the Bes Stele describes how the result of this same pinch effect is the cause for gravity, and comes about from confining atoms to small space aligning the atoms dipole. We can deduce this because the Metternich Stela shown below or Magical Stela shows Sobek as the Stellar Pinch Supporting Bes or Gravity atop of a young Horus.

This understanding of Gravity differs slightly from "Electric Universe theory". Wall Thornhill stated that gravity is acting near the surface of celestial bodies whereas the hieroglyphs describe how gravity acts primarily as a result of the pinch effect. Gravity increases with depth confirming that the pinch effect at the core of a celestial body develops gravity.

Earth Gravity
Earth's gravity measured by NASA GRACE

The image above shows that where the pinch effect is/has happened, along what we call tectonic plate boundaries - there is a higher gravitational field, confirming the physics of the Stela.

We know small changes in Gravity are generated with the rupture of earthquakes, as the underground electrostatic discharge causes the pinch effect to occur. The change in gravity caused by the pinch effect is now measured by the VIRGO detector, proving the relationship explained by the Metternich Stela. Studies were done following the 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake “So far, it is only an isolated detection for a huge earthquake,” Montagner cautions. But he is confident advances are on the way.

What this means is that in theory you can change the mass of a planet by putting charge on it, confining 'atoms' during the pinch effect. Radially orientated electrostatic dipoles are formed inside the earth during a pinch. A bit like in a bar magnet a blast of electricity aligns the atoms in series and so creates a flowing magnetic field, gravity is a similar principle albeit theorized to happen using the z pinch..

Grace Earthquakes
Draft Image showing correlation between Earth's gravity measured by NASA GRACE and Earthquakes since 1898

z-pinch and a gravimeter

The hieroglyphs inside Teti Pyramid label the Pyramid as a structure for depositing gravity by transfering charge to a celestial body. This shows that the transfer of charge can perform a variety of functions in the God Electric Kingdom, including the manipulation of gravity on a celestial body.

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