Set - Cyclone / Typhoon - Aardvark

Set is the Cyclone that is Earthspots and Sunspots. His hieroglyphs describe him as "An attribute of cyclones is negative charge being sifted through the ionosphere (electron precipitation) to create and grow a vortex." He is also described either as "The great negative charge connection", or "Negative charge plasma electrostatics".

In conventional Egyptology Set was a storm god associated with strange and frightening events such as thunderstorms. He was considered to be very strong but dangerous, and strange. However, he was not always considered to be an evil being. Set protected the life giving oases of the desert, and was at times a powerful ally to the sun god Ra.

Set Spear
Set's Spear is the puncture mark shown by the eye (Umbra) of the storm

The Earth and Sun interact in similar ways. Storms happen on the sun as well as on earth, the earth and sun are both sphere magnets in space, equally Set applies to both the Sun and stars as well as on Earth.

On Earth low pressure sucks in the air, up through the centre like an invisible tube - explained by the action of the Aardvarks nose describing the vertical winds in thunderstorms that are principally electrically driven. Negative charge or electrons is sifted through holes in ionosphere, called electron precipitation.

Hurricane Profile

Close observation of laboratory arc discharges reveals that an electric "wind" surrounds and often precedes an electric arc. At the most basic level, electric currents are the prime cause of rotational movement in the universe. Rotating because external electromagnetic fields are influencing the atmosphere.

Vortex - Coriolis Effect Explained by Experiment (see video)

Below is shown the top of the atmosphere at 10 hPa, equivalent to about 192km above the earths surface, within the Earths ionosphere boundary which is 90-1000km. The chart shows negative charge that has traveled through the ionosphere sieve into the very top of the atmosphere via the birkeland current at the south pole. This drives wind vortices shown below, what is described by the hieroglyphs of Set...

The chart below shows Set in action, TEC (Total Electron Content) in the ionosphere as an indicator of negative charge passing through the ionosphere sieve charging the Earth ...

TEC - Total Electron Content (Negative Charge) In Ionosphere, Charging the Earth (Set)...(Source SWACI)

Since the earliest of times, Set was considered to be Nephthys counterpart, always associated with her because Nephthys describes the capacitor or store of electric energy on both the Stars and Planets which Set acts through. Shown below, a close up of the sunspot reveals the Plasma cloud forms on in the solar corona swirl just like on earth, and the penumbra lines electrically driven spiral and point inwards. Sets spear is the eye of the storm.

Set spearing Apep - Sunspot
Set spearing Apep as the Sunspot Penumbra - Egyptian Museum, Cairo

A Snake is used to describe the Suns Corona as shown by Ra. Set uses his ears to direct the spear into the Snakes head, known as Apep. The action of the spear inserted into the head of the snake defines a Sunspot, a sunspot is the puncture mark on the Suns Corona that can propagate Coronal Mass Ejections or CME. Removing the spear from the Snakes head causes the snake to eject venom, thus describing the mechanism for a CME.

The long body of Apep defines absorption of energy from the universe at the Suns Corona, this is shown supporting the plasma link that supports the Sun, Ra.

Set Temple at Naqada
Temple of Set at Naqada

Alternative names for Set...

Negative Charged Plasma Electrostatics

Refering to the fact that approximately 90% lightning is negative charge leaders...


Cyclone Updraft is Negative Charged Plasma Electric Field Grow...


Attribute of Cyclone Updraft is Many Negative Charges Grown...


[Great] Connection of Negative Charge

The Contendings of Horus and Set - Electric Discharge to a Pyramid

Electric Discharge Pyramid
Representation of Electric Discharge to a Pyramid Charging the Earth
Set Horus  Horus Set Pyramid
Set and Horus showing Electric Discharge to Pyramid via Hapi Lung or Birkeland Current

Set represents the negative charge connection, or negative charge leader while Horus is the Strong Electric Field. The lotus flowers that Set and Horus are pulling represent the glow discharge. Together Set and Horus show the breakdown of the dielectric in a capacitor, and the function of the electric plasma discharge to a pyramid. The cartouche to the center is explained as the resonant electrostatic projection of negative charge connection wave, supported by the lung representing A.C. Current. It explains how a Pyramid supports life receiving power from dielectric injecting negative charges...

Was Sceptre
Was Sceptre - Received Power as Negative Charge Connection
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