Osiris is described as Love, this is because he is male and watching the female circuitry as the Structured Plasma of the Universe that links Galaxies, Stars and Planets. The circuitry of the cosmos is explained by the females Nut, Maat, Neith and Isis, together they represent how electrical nourishment is supplied to celestial bodies.

In Nefertari's Tomb Osiris is explained as watching the structured plasma of the cosmos that links many charge stores supporting life. Osiris wears the Atef crown, as the Hedjet with its two collectors or feathers either side to explain the mechanism of collecting electrical nourishment (negative charge) to the inner core.

Osiris - Nefertari Tomb
PSR J2030+4415
Example of Osiris in Space - PSR J2030+4415 X-ray Filament shown in green

The hieroglyphs explain that an attribute of God is performing a great operation guiding charged celestial bodies using monopoles, effectively shepherding the cosmos through care and love. Osiris also explains that Absorption of negative charge to land is inscribed and referenced beautifully with love. All of Egyptology is about love and caring for the Universe, each hieroglyph is individually painted or inscribed, there is no mechanisation or greed involved, only beauty and love.

Osiris is originally known as the "Lord of love", this is still a true statement as he watches over the Universe maintaining the current cosmology sustaining life in the universe. Pyramids are electrical discharge points on the Earths crust that the hieroglyphs describe as being able to influence everything on a planet including gravity, celestial mechanics and life.

Cosmic Electricity Grid Osiris
Osiris - Watching Structured Plasma of the Universe.

Osiris supported by Anubis, the Resonant Electric Field, who is in turn supported by Horus, the Strong Electric Field. This describes Osiris as being similar to the action of a Quasar, which directs charges to celestial bodies and even Pyramids.

Isis is the female counterpart of Osiris, she explains how the structured plasma of the universe is maintained through hunting and scavenging for charge as well as transmitting charge to where it is needed.

Osiris holds both a Crook and flail, the Crook is what Shepard's use to guide themselves and is scaled up to intergalactic and universal level where monopoles are used to deliver charge via pyramids and rock formations in an effort to sustain the current cosmology and life. The flail explains how like a Faraday Osiris keeps it all moving.

In Dendera, known as Temple of the Heliosphere or Hathor you see Osiris sleeping on the back of lion, meaning his energy or love is magnified. Nephthys the electric field and Isis the structured plasma of the cosmos are shown fanning their energy towards him in order to awaken him so that he may begin looking after the cosmos.

We are all linked electrically, described by Anubis and the electric field of our organs, there are no isolated islands in space, nothing is hidden from God

There is a problem with greed on this Earth and unless the walls of secrecy are broken down and truth is allowed to prevail mankind will never succeed in this Universe. Christchurch Man Made Earthquakes are one example of how the earth is breaking down, because greed is overruling love.

Osiris was often called "the Great Sekhem", which is deciphered as great projected power.

EyeWatching Over

Structured PlasmaStructured Plasma

Attribute[Process] to Support Life
Osiris GodElectric Stele
Osiris - Sandstone Stele

[Male] Process Watching Over Structured Plasma to Support Life, Supporting the Cosmic Tree / Universe

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