Weret Hekau


She is female and therefore part of the circuitry of the cosmos and considered to be a form of Isis. Often drawn as a lion headed female with the Sun disc, often considered as the wet nurse of the pharoahs as she provides nourishment and stability of negative charge.

There are several different spellings for her: Here are some of the following decipherments...Weret Hekau - Very Stable Birkeland Current Projects Negative Charge Electric Field.

Anodic Outer Galaxy with Stable Birkeland Current Projects Negative Charge using Electric Field


Depositing Negative Charge Plasma Shell Insulator

Below she hold the sceptre, showing that she receives electrical power. Her hieroglyphs to the right describe...

Weret Hekau
Weret Hekau - Temple of Luxor
Electrostatic Negative Charge Electric Field Collector Stability Birkeland Current Gift Pyramid