Negative Charge
Renenutet - Plasma Nebula Creation
Renenutet Seated on Anode

Renenutet is female and as such is part of the circuitry of the universe. She nourishes the cosmos with negative charge, her hieroglyphs describe her as the Anode Ejection of Negative Charge Cathode Waves that become projection waves (cosmic rays).

Sekhem Sceptre - Projected Power

Renenutet holds the Sekhem Sceptre, showing that she provides her nourishment as projected power from an anode star. The process of how a star projects power is explained in further detail by the hieroglyphs for Sekhmet.

Collector Anode - Star
Bipola Nebula
Butterfly Nebula M2-9

Renenutet is shown as a Snake drawn with a feather on her head, showing that she supports the collection of charge . Below she takes the female form but is drawn with a Cobra Snake head supporting the Sun.

Renenutet Hu Nepret
Nepret, (left) Hu (middle) and Renenutet (right) - Ramesses Tomb KV11

Historically, X-rays were discovered radiating from experimental discharge tubes called Crookes tubes invented by British physicist William Crookes and others. As the medical and other uses of X-rays became apparent, workshops began to manufacture specialized Crookes tubes to produce X-rays. These were the first X-ray tubes. These first generation cold cathode or Crookes X-ray tubes were used until the 1920s.

GOES Xray Flux data is shown below and gives an indication of our stars solar activity, spikes in the chart are representive of the Cobra ejecting venom from the anode Sun or Renenutet in action...

Solar Wind
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