Stability Electrostatics

Thutmose is the Electrostatic Lightning Support the Electric Potential (Voltage).

Thoth is the Ibis bird and describes electric potential or voltage.

Set Temple at Naqada
Temple of Set at Naqada - Stela of Thutmose I

Set is charge vortices or cyclones that are earth spots and sunspots. To the right Set has the Ankh and sceptre showing that he is receiving power from the galaxy, supporting life. [under construction]

Thutmose Hatshepsut
Thutmose III on the left and Hatshepsut on the right, Red Chapel at Karnak

The hieroglyphs above Thutmose III read: "God Electricity supporting life by the anode or Sun. Conduction (supernovae) plasma ejection energy. Pyramid supports life by received power from vacuum to celestial body which is a supported charge store, absorbing negative charge land."

The hieroglyphs to the left of Thutmose III read: "[Hare/Sensitive] wave deposit from intergalactic power/surplus charge very stable negative charge which supports life by creating the electric field of Anode (Sun)."

The hieroglyphs to the right of Thutmose III read: "Watching Negative Charge, God (deliver) open connection projected many wave plasma supernovae ejection collected gives wave celestial body." - (Meaning Schumann Resonance and lightning rates are dictated to by collection of negative charge, this is watched over by God.)

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