Anubis has hieroglyphs that describe the charge collected at the resonant oscillation (wave) of the electric field. Resonance is when the nucleus, ions, organs, cells, protons, electrons etc are absorbing energy.

In the case of the Sun, Anubis represents the oscillations of the electric field collecting charge, it is believed these oscillations were first detected in 1960 and the science is known as helioseismology, it was incorrectly understood by NASA as powered by the interior of the Sun. Below is a short clip from NASA.

It is however as the hieroglyphs explain, negative charge flowing inwardly via the strong electric field within the heliosphere that powers the Sun.

Anubis mother was previously known as Nephthys, she describes a capacitor as the positive and negative electrodes which create the electric field Anubis exists inside.

As an example. the diagram below is an example of a tuned resonant LC circuit...

Tuned Circuit
Tuned Resonant LC Circuit

The capacitor C stores energy in its electric field E and the inductor L stores energy in its magnetic field B (green). This jerky animation shows "snapshots" of the circuit at progressive points in the oscillation. The oscillations are slowed down; in an actual tuned circuit the charge oscillates back and forth tens of thousands to billions of times per second.

Anubis is sensitive to the electric field. In 2011 extensive genetic studies confirmed that the Egyptian Jackal is in fact a subspecies of the Gray Wolf.

Anubis - Egyptian Jackal

Wolves possess extraordinary large (about 150–200 km²) home range, and extraordinary homing capabilities which suggests superior orientation ability due to being able to sense the electric field. It is also why the Jackal is normally drawn supported on top of his home, because of this ability to return home under remarkable circumstances using the earths electric field.

Before large earthquakes there are accounts of dogs running around in circles on the spot, sometimes up to 5 minutes before the rupture occurs. This is probably because we have compression of the ionosphere, which is a change in the electric field evident from the creation of earthquake lights. It is likely that the dogs are sensing this and reacting to it in advance of the rupture occurring.

Also, studies have been carried out on dogs showing that they preferred to excrete with the body being aligned along the North-South axis under calm magnetic conditions. This directional behaviour was abolished under unstable magnetic conditions.

The Egyptian Jackal Anubis, is the only one who can carry out the embalming process, because Anubis is sensitive to the electric field of your organs. Bastet describes this process whereby the organs in your body emit an electric field as you live your life, and these impulses are stored in the Universe, with the canopic jar a metaphor of this process.

Anubis Embalming
Anubis Embalming - Coffin of Pedusiri

Anubis is shown carrying out the embalming process on the back of a lion, meaning the electric impulses of your organs are magnified and carried on the structured plasma of the cosmos, indicated by Isis to the left and Nephthys to the right.

Humans are already capable of remotely reading the impulses from the brain using technology known as remote neural monitoring or RNM, this was achieved in less than a century after Nikola Tesla's initial discoveries.

According to Dr Robert Duncan Brain Resonance can be achieved, each brain has a unique bit stream key that can be "dialed in" allowing for mind control and brain entrainment at a distance. The entire human race collective consciousness operates somewhere between 1.32 Terabits to 1.32 Pentabits per second (brain bandwidth times population), though this does not take into account other organs like the heart, it is known as the geopsyche.

Crude Example of Electric Brain Resonance (Mind Entrainment)

The Brain is a transmitter and receiver and requires a body electrical feedback in the ELF wave range, this is what brain waves work on due to individual firing neurons in the 100s of billions. ELF waves are the longest wavelengths we classify, At ELF wavelengths the electric and magnetic component of the waves are usually measured separately. Anubis describes that it is the electrical component of the wave your organs emit that supreme beings use to decode life.

Plutarch says the Name of Anubis, and it is said to protect the gods just as dogs protect men. - Resonance of the electric field, absorption of charge to create double layer and sheath

The heart would usually remain in the sarcophagus.

Mummy in hieroglyphs is "longitudinal wave carrier (Birkeland Current) connection operation". Your DNA propagates a longitudinal wave as you live your life .

Canopic Jars
Complete set of Canopic Jars, previously known as the Four Sons of Horus

The Canopic Jar ends with gifting the Ankh, showing it is a gift to support life.

Anput is similar to Anubis and hieroglyphs read: Galactic attribute is Negative Charge Electric Field Resonant Wave Collector.. Highlighting the Galactic Network that links life systems electrically.

Nefertari Tomb Anubis
Nefertari Tomb - Anubis

Anubis is also used to describe how the Sun functions in Book of the Suns Electric Field. Anubis is shown balancing a small calibration pot to show that charge is collected by a Star at the mean resonant frequency of the Electric Field.

Life - Electric Soul
Anubis Nefertari
Anubis - South Side of East wall Nefertari Tomb

Anubis Queens Valley 55
Anubis - Queens Valley 55

Anubis is shown on the right, an image from the Queens Valley which is explaining the female nourishment of negative charge delivered to celestial bodies in God's Kingdom.

The particular image of Anubis from QV55, with the off photo handshake is explaining the physics of sharing the Electric Field Resonance of the Galaxy.

Anubis is clothed in a dress of Sheeps Wool, the same material shown inside the Winged Sun (shown below), underneath the two blue Horns of Hathor, which represent the Sheath and Heliosphere.

Sheeps Wool is explained by Khnum and is the Double Layer, where surplus electric charge is stored inside by an Electric Field.

Anubis dressed in Sheeps Wool, represents the resonance of this electric field inside the double layer, which is meaning inside the Heliosphere of the Star. As Anubis is clothed in a dress of Sheeps Wool, it explains how the resonance of this field exists inside the double layer.

Thus Anubis is here again showing the physics of Electric Field Resonance.

The Winged Sun below, shows the Khnum Sheeps Wool or Double Layer underneath the two horns, or inside the Heliosphere Sheath explained by Hathor.

Winged Sun Habu Temple
Winged Sun in Habu Temple
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