Pepi I Pyramid

Resonance > Collector

"Resonance collected at supernovae wave to supply electric induction supporting life to the Pyramid".

Pepi I Pyramid
Pepi I Pyramid
Clad:White Limestone

The kneeling statuette of Pepi I shows him offering two pots. The pot is a symbol for a charge store and Pepi I is defining the function of Pepi Pyramid offering charge from the cosmos to planet Earth.

Offer Charge Charge Store
Pepi I Statue Pepi I Vessel
(Left) Pepi I Statue offering charge & (Right) Pepi I Offering Vessel
Pyramid Support Life Received Power Absorption Negative Charge Land

The Pepi I Offering Vessel to the right reads: "Negative charge from the aether attracted to the Sun, charge is sewn in and collected. Pyramid supports life receives power absorbing negative charge into land". (Right side) Celestial body stored electrostatics electric force to calibrate magnetic field. (Left side) Negative Charge is sewn in and collected to land supporting strong electric field.

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