Hesat is the Galactic connection of negative charge describing the transformer action.

Her hieroglyphs read Hesat is the entrapment connection of negative charge birkeland current.

Birkeland currents flow through space, Hesat represents the electrical nourishment of negative charge delivered via Nut..

The Birkeland currents driving the galaxy show up in x-ray. The x-ray plumes (jets) extending from the poles indicate the narrowest "waist" of the hourglass-shaped pinch in the intergalactic Birkeland currents. The electrical configuration will be similar to that of planetary nebulae. The polar plume currents and the induced equatorial ring current are, of course, traced in the magnetic field map of the galaxy.

She was said to provide humanity with milk, milk represents the nourishment provided as negative charge along the Galactic circuit. It is likely to be the origins behind why our Galaxy is called the 'Milky Way', milk is a metaphor for Gods nourishing electricity from the cosmos that is carried along the arms of the Milky Way.

At the Tomb of Irynefer - Deir el-Medina shown below, Nut is to the left with her wing bowing down to Hesat, showing how negative charge is delivered to Hesat from Nut via a plasma circuit - the hieroglyphs for Nut define a plasma circuit of negative charge to a charge store.

Nut - Plasma Circuit Negative Charge to Store (Left). Hesat the Cow (Right). Tomb of Irynefer - Deir el-Medina

Galaxies can be thought of as electrically active conglomerations of stars, each star is the locus of electric charge flow. Electricity moving through dusty plasma is responsible for the births of stars and galaxies. Such flows of electricity are commonly called Birkeland currents after their discoverer, Kristian Birkeland.

When Birkeland currents interact, they tend to twist around one another in a helical formation. A cross sectional analysis of the helices in laboratory experiments reveals the familiar barred-spiral shape of a galaxy. Since galaxies are most likely electrical in nature, electromagnetic forces act on them with such power that gravity can be ignored when discussing their shapes and behavior.

Electricity flows through a galaxy like the Milky Way along the polar axis and then out through the spiral arms. There is most likely a circuit across the galactic disk that divides, flowing upward and downward back into the poles. This circuit receives its driving power from Birkeland currents that connect the galaxy with the rest of the Universe where, presumably, billion-light-year long strands of magnetically confined electric filaments are transmitting power from one end of space to the other.

[[The heliosphere which is produced by the sun, stops all inside it from getting direct current from the galactic arm and so works as transformer which steps down the charge. It then through the heliosphere gives out charge to everything inside the ionosphere.]]

Electric Galaxy
Electric Galaxy
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