Hapi is the Many Operating Resonances that create the Birkeland Current.

Hapi is male, but has breasts like a female as he is the exception to the rule facilitating the Electric Nourishment of the cosmos.

Often associated with the hieroglyph for a river, now known as a confined plasma in space, Hapi defines the Birkeland Current.

Birkeland Current Rope Cygnus Loop
Birkeland Current Rope - Cygnus Loop

Heqet describes how Birkeland Currents are field aligned currents.

Ptah explains how Birkeland Currents carry resonant negative charge through a dielectric.

Hapi supports the lotus flowers on his head that represent the filamentary lighting in space around the stars as Double Layers. Double layers are also found in the plasma environment of Earth, creating phenomena like Aurorae. A Double Layer forms in plasma when electric charge flows through it, the dynamics are expressed by the actions of Hapi in the central picture resting his foot upon a lung. The lung represents an Alternating Current as it inflates and deflates showing the flow of electric charge periodically reversing direction. The Electric Field or force keeping them joined together is shown by the lotus stem joined by the knot to the trachea. Hapi supports lotus flowers above his head, sometimes shown blowing in the wind produced from the lung, they signify glow discharge in space. Lotus flowers sink underwater at night, representing light beautifying the dark of space.

Lung | Birkeland Current - 2 Way Current
Hapi as the Birkeland Current - Luxor Temple
Electric Galaxy
Electric Galaxy

Example of a pinched birkeland current stream M2-9 going from dark mode, to glow mode then arc mode at the star in the center...With Maat explaining the collection of negative charge to the anode star.

Bipolar Nebula M2-9
Bipolar Nebula M2-9

[Hapi shows the galactic power line and how God's Electricity powers the stars]]

At Karnak Temple Hapi can be seen offering charge to the outer galaxy, showing how the galaxy connects to a giant birkeland current offering charge to suport life.

A Double Layer is an electric charge separation region that forms in a plasma. It consists of two oppositely charged parallel layers, resulting in a voltage drop and electric field across the layer, which accelerates the plasma’s electrons and positive ions in opposite directions. Since moving electric charges generate electricity, there is an electric current present. If there are sufficiently large potential drops and layer separation, electrons might accelerate to relativistic velocities, producing synchrotron radiation.

Double layers are found in a wide variety of plasmas, from discharge tubes to space plasmas to the Birkeland currents supplying the Earth's aurora, and are especially common in current-carrying plasmas.

Hapi is shown supporting the seats of Sekhmet, Osiris and many others. This describes how they appear

Hapi Lung
Inward Facing Lotus - Monopole - Sekhmet Chair
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