The Ra-Horakhty papyrus is shown below and shows the principle behind the Electric force that powers the Sun.

Horus the Peregrine Falcon is shown supporting the Sun on his head. The Sun has a Cobra wrapped around its surface, this animal describes the absorption and ejection attributes of electric stars in the Universe and is explained in further detail by Ra.

At the very top of the papyrus, above the Sun is a rectangular blue hieroglyph. This hieroglyph describes the 'plasma link' and represents the connection of the Sun to the galactic circuit. It is often shown supported by the Sun because the Sun enables this connection through the electrodynamics and circuit theory explained by Aker. The Galactic circuit and flow of negative charge in space is explained in further detail by Nut.

Horus, the Peregrine Falcon is standing on the 'negative charge' and 'electrostatic' hieroglyphs, the Ostrich feather to the right indicates a 'collector'. When these hieroglyphs are drawn together it has the meaning of a 'negative charge electrostatic collector' and is what supports Horus and therefore powers the anodic positively charged Sun.

In the God Electric Kingdom stars are primarily powered by a drift of incoming electrons, explained on the Ra-Horakhty papyrus as the negative charge hieroglyph alongside the Ostrich feather meaning a 'collector'. This is explained in further detail by Amentet.

This is the founding principle of Electric Stars, also concluded from different circumstances in 1972 when Ralph Juergens estimated the number of electrons or negative charge required to power the Sun.

Horus the Falcon Re-Horakhty showing the Electric Force supporting the Sun

Electric Force

Nephthys to the left defines the capacitor which supports an electric field between her positive and negative electrodes, this electric field stores charge, which is indicated by the pot hieroglyph adjacent to her. To the right is Isis, with the hieroglyphs that describe her propagating negative charge from the structured plasma of the cosmos, shown as lighting the flame.

The surrounding Akhet or red dotted mountain peaks at the bottom of the papyrus represent the North and South magnetic poles, these are also layered to show the different magnetic field layers in the Universe. There is a minor peak in the centre to show that the magnetic field lines arrive at auroral latitudes. The negative charge collection hieroglyph is in the centre showing that negative charge flows in the central equatorial plane explained by Amentet.

Ra-Horakhty Papyrus Explained
Ra-Horakhty Papyrus

Everyone on the Ra-Horakhty papyrus has their hands presented centrally toward the negative charge hieroglyph in the middle, this is to show the electric force of the Sun. We can confirm this as there are two flames drawn at the bottom of the papyrus, the flames are projecting sideways towards the negative charge hieroglyph. An experiment can be conducted here on Earth showing how the negative electrode attracts positive ions in the partially ionized plasma of a candle flame, causing the flame to respond more strongly to the electric force than to the thermal convective forces in a gravity field.

Plasma Candle Flame Electric Field
Plasma Candle Flame attracted towards the Negative Electrode in an Electric Field

The Peregrine Falcon does not represent an eye as is often misinterpreted by mainstream Egyptology. The Peregrine Falcon is the fastest animal on Earth during a manoeuvre called the Stoop, this creates a positive charge electrostatic aerodynamic buffer, reducing drag providing the Falcon with additional velocity. A similar principle is used in fighter jets and bomber aircraft like the B2. The Peregrine Falcon instead describes the creation of the Electric Force of the Sun, as shown by Ra-Horakhty above.

Peregrine Falcon B2
Peregrine Falcon (Left) & B2 Aircraft (Right)

The anatomy of birds is very complex, in the Bible it is quoted, “God created every winged bird according to its kind” and “saw that it was good” (Genesis 1:21). If you look at a feather under a microscope it appears like a natural capacitor or collector of electrostatic charge. You have the main stem of a feather with barbs coming out, and from this you have the barbules. The left-handed barbules have hooks, and the right-handed barbules have ridges. The feather is made in such a way that if you bend it, everything bends with it, and yet it's a very light structure. So the hooks catch the ridges and they slide over the ridges. The sliding joint is then lubricated with oil, using preening gland at the back of the birds spine. The bird wipes this oil all over its feathers also acting as a dielectric lubricant. The bird can then store electrostatic energy in an electric field.

Feather Microscope
Feathers under Microscope - Natures Charge Collector

In the early 1900's George Lakhovsky book entitled The Secret of Life explained the electrostatics of a bird in flight. Using a Ducks wing and insulating himself from the earth by means of two rubber discs of 2 cm thick and using a radium electrometer he was able to measure a charge of static electricity of an approximate electric tension of 600 volts. This electric tension increased as the earth level becomes further distant from the experimenter. We know that the electric potential of the terrestrial atmosphere increases with height at the rate of 1 volt per centimetre the atmospheric potential generated by altitude, say 50,000 volts for an ordinary flight at a height of 500 meters, we add the potential developed by friction of the bird's wings against the wind, say 25,000 volts, we arrive at a total of 75,000 volts. If you consider the Peregrine Falcon during a manoeuvre called a stoop, it is generating the largest electrostatic energy of all the birds and is thus the answer to why Horus supports the Electric Sun.

Example of the true translation of the Ra-Horakhty papyrus...

Strong Coronal Electric Field Akhet - Magnetic Stellar Dipole [Iabet Emblem]
Quadrupole - Current sheet
Ra-Horakhty Papyrus Column
Electric Force
Monitor & Record
Negative Charge
Home / Core

Electric Force of star monitored, projection operation of the Sun, many negative charges to strong coronal electric field [received] from the akhet (dipole magnetic field of the Sun), negative charge to home/core gravitational attraction [Iabet emblem] negative charges via quadrupole current sheet negative charge collected. Plasma circuit collects from outer galaxy watched over attribute of structured plasma is operating collection of many negative charges from the aether, collect cosmic ray wave [something] collect from outer galaxy, strong electric field collects inwardly collecting [charge], attribute of [glow discharge] absorbtion [negative charge to land] connection collect charge...

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