Aten is male and clearly defined as a process of the Sun. The hieroglyph means 'Sun Negative Charge Wave Collector' and is shown as a hand stretching out from the sun collecting pots or charge store and gifting the ankh or support of life.

In the God Electric Kingdom the Sun is an anode, collecting negative charge as part of a galactic glow discharge.

There is a weak electric field around the sun which causes a steady drift of negative charge toward the Sun. Because of the immense volume of the heliosphere, it causes a drift of negative charge that become a focused electric current sufficient to power the Sun. This circuitry is explained in further detail by the females and the hieroglyphs for Amentet and Hathor.

Electric Field of the SunAten
(Left) The Electric Field of the Sun. (Right) Aten - Collecting Pots as Charge

The pot hieroglyph signifies a charge store, the container for the nourishment of the Galaxy and is shown being gifted to Atens arms. In return Aten gifts the Ankh, meaning support of life as this process maintains life in the Galaxy.

In 1875, Sir William Crookes discovered the properties of Radiant Matter. His invention of the Radiometer was proof that Radiant Matter was a constituent of sunlight.

Crookes railway tube shows the mechanical action of radiant matter, when placed in an electric lantern. Whichever pole is made negative, the stream of radiant matter darts from it along the tube, striking the upper vanes of the paddle-wheel causing it to turn and travel along the railway. Reversing the poles causes it to turn the opposite direction and the mechanical action is sufficient to drive the paddle-wheel up-hill.

Mica on the paddle-wheel has superior electrical properties as an insulator and as a dielectric, and can support an electrostatic field.

Nikola Tesla, following up on these discoveries, confirming that electrostatic charges are conveyed by Radiant Matter. He called it Radiant Energy. When Radiant Energy was transmitted from place to place, it behaved like Sound waves of electrified air. By 1900, Tesla had developed lighting systems and electric motors that ran on Radiant Energy.

Helmholtz Coil

- Proof that waves carry charge!

The magnetic field of the Helmholtz Coil bends the cathode ray or negative charge wave, into a circle proving that light is a wave that can carry charge. The same conclusion is shown by the hieroglyphs for Aten.

Helmholtz Coil
A beam of cathode rays in a vacuum tube bent into a circle by a Helmholtz coil.

What we call a Cathode Ray is in reality a negative charge wave, described using a combination of the following hieroglyphs put together:

Crookes and Arthur Schuster correctly believed Cathode Rays were electrically charged waves. J. J. Thomson later observed with an electrometer that a charge is registered only when he deflected the cathode ray to it with a magnet. He concluded that the negative charge and the rays were one and the same.

Thompson also found that whatever the material of the anode and the gas in the jar, the deflection of the rays was the same, suggesting that the rays were of the same form whatever their origin.

Thomson Experiment

- Proof that waves carry charge!

Thomson Cathode Ray Experiment
Thomson Cathode Ray Experiment (with Anode and Cathode Hieroglyphs)

The cathode ray or Negative Charge Wave (blue line) is deflected by the electric field (yellow). Opposite Charges Attract.

Aten Sphinx
Aten (left) and Akhenaten as Sphinx (right) | (Not for Profit image) from Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
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