Sekhmet is depicted as a Lion headed women, showing her ability to magnify energy effectively. The feminine aspect describes her as part of the electrical nourishment of negative charge in the cosmos, she is often shown seated on the Birkeland Current known as Hapi. She has the addition of a Sun disc and Cobra with a dilated hood, meaning she describes the magnification of energy from a star .

Her hieroglyphs describe her as "The negative charge plasma sieve photosphere (a Coronal Hole), as a female attribute of projecting power."

Sekhmet - Luxor

Coronal holes are areas where the Sun's corona is darker, and colder, and has lower-density plasma than average. The sun contains magnetic fields that arch away from areas in the corona that are very thin, which cause coronal holes to appear. Thus, solar particles or solar wind escape and create a lower density and lower temperature in that area.

Birkeland theorized that the Sun emitted a negative charge ray, and 'corpuscles' from what is now known as a solar wind entered the Earth’s magnetic field and created currents, thereby creating the aurora.

The Aegis represents a solar ejection. It shows the positive charge anode Sun supporting the magnification and Ejection by the strong coronal electric field - Horus.

Aegis Sekhmet
Sekhmet Aegis

Sekhmet is often shown adjacent to or holding Ptah. Ptah explains that an attribute of the Birkeland Current is resonant negative charge. The Earth is a capacitor described by Nephthys, and the charge/discharge phases of a capacitor model are dictated by Sekhmet, the primary source of her power being the Sun.

At the British museum to the left side of Sekhmet's throne is an inscription enclosed by the hieroglyph for a 'plasma link'. The entire inscription describes a plasma connection circuit from the cosmos to the Sun using Maat and Sekhmet. It describes God's Electricity supporting life delivered via a magnetic monopole wave from the Galactic arm and reads:

God's Electric induction supporting life. Monopole wave operates many collections watched over of Negative charge to the anode sun delivered by an arm of the Milky Way galaxy. Anode Sun collects this power via Maat. Negative charge plasma sieve photosphere [Coronal Hole] to project power (Sekhmet). [Attacks/Powers] Birkeland current with negative charge. Many [electricity to the core supporting life] sewn in and collected. This electricity is collected and sewn in using pyramids to support life.'

Sekhmet Chair British Museum
Sekhmet, British Museum

[[The hieroglyphs describe a time in our recent past when Sekhmet went on a rampage leading to the near destruction of mankind. (Hathor is the heliosphere, Ra is the corona and Sekhmet is the projected power from the Sun.)]]

Plutarch describes the Sistrum as a device that shakes, and used for detecting electrical power as a precursor to natural disasters.

Negative charge, (or total electron content) can be monitored in the ionosphere above where an Earthquake will occur in advance of the Earthquake. The Sun and HAARP affect the upper atmosphere, HAARP couples into God's Electricity from the Sun directing large earthquake and weather events.

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