Currents flow parallel to the magnetic field in a Birkeland Current. The lines in the figure below represent both current paths and magnetic field lines. The magnetic field derives partly from an external axial field and partly from the toroidal field produced by the current itself (see Alfvén and Fälthammar, 1963). The current is strongest at the axis and becomes weaker further away from the axis as depicted by the decreasing thickness of the lines.

Field Aligned Current
Field Aligned Current
Simple model of a filamentary current structure in a low-density plasma known as a Birkeland Current.

Heqet is female meaning she is part of the circuitry of the cosmos that nourishes Planets, Stars and Galaxies with negative charge.

Her hieroglyphs define the Birkeland Current as being a monopole (field-aligned) negative charge current in space.

An example of a magnetic monopole on Earth is if you were to stand at either end of the Earth, the North or South pole then you would be experiencing a monopole magnetic field. This is also where the Birkeland Currents connect to the Earth in this region.

Hapi describes the many operating resonances that create the alternating current of a Birkeland Current.

Experiments have been conducted on Frogs at Radboud University, Nijmegen in the Netherlands showing that the Frog is a diamagnetic animal, meaning it can levitate in a magnetic field of 16T.

Frog Diamagnetism / Levitation

Currents exist in the ionosphere that follow magnetic field lines and contribute to the aurora, caused by interaction of the Solar Wind with the Earths magnetosphere.

Relationship between magnetic field strength and Charge stored creating the shaking of the Sistrum (precursor to electrical events on Earth) shown by Ihy:

Khnum and Heqet - Dendara
Khnum, accompanied by Heqet, moulds Ihy in a relief at Dendera Temple

In Dendera Temple, known as Temple of Hathor or Temple of the Heliosphere, Heqet and Khnum are shown crafting a human child we call Ihy. Our planets electrical environment including the gravitational state and the magnetic field have been crafted by the Gods, carefully setting a balance between the different forces required to sustain life. This is achieved using Pyramids as Electric discharge points, and the process is described in ancient texts such as those found in Teti Pyramid, Egypt.

Heqet - Nedjmet Papyrus
Nedjmet Papyrus

The Nedjmet Papyrus above shows the Electric Potential of the Sun by the six baboons climbing upwards supported on the plasma link. Their hands are stretched out to explain the electric force of the Sun described by Thoth, Horus and other ancient texts such as Book of the Suns Electric Field. Nephthys is the enclosure supporting the capacitor action of the Sun and Isis is the structured plasma or Birkeland Current supply to the Sun. Nephthys and Isis are shown levitated and mirroring one another with their hands indicating the electric transfer. In the Galaxy Nebulae are arranged in alignment and this can be explained by the two diamagnetic frogs providing stability to support the Sun.

Heqet - Abydos
Heqet - Abydos
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