Tutankhamun Tomb

Tutankhamun Tomb South Wall
Anubis (left), Tutankhamun (center) and Amentet (right) on the South Wall at Tutankhamun's Tomb

Amentet is passing the Ankh to Tutankhamun to show that she supports life. Her hieroglyphs describe the flow of negative charge inside the heliosphere as God's Electricity supporting life. Tutankhamun is shown as absorbing negative charge land support life via Pyramid. This occurs with Anubis as an attribute of the electric field collecting energy at resonant frequency of Amentet.

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Tutankhamun’s penis was fully erect when he was mummified, to show that his process represents electric discharge..

Tutankhamun Tomb North Wall
Osiris (left), Tutankhamun (center) and the Galaxies Stable Electric Field (right) on the North Wall at Tutankhamun's Tomb

On the right the stable Galaxy supports a strong electric field and is passing energy to Tutankhamun, who is in an embrace with Osiris. Tutankhamun and Osiris represent God's Electricity supporting life. This electricity is explained as negative charge absorbed into the land using pyramids to support life and is collected to the inner galaxy via Amentet.

Negative Charge Collection Quadrupole - Current sheet Positive Charge Anode - Star
Tutankhamun Signet Ring
Tutankhamun Signet Ring
God Electricity - Supporting Life Conduction

Negative charge collection via quadrupole (Heliospheric Current Sheet) to anode Star similar to Amentet. God's Electricity supporting life of anode stars. Cartouche reads many anode stars conduction to the sun.

Shown below is a shrine from Tutankhamun, a frieze of Isis knots known as the Tyet are combined with Djed Columns showing the components that make up the known universe.

Tyet Djed Tutankhamun
Structured Plasma in the Vacuum of Space (Left) Tutankhamun Shrine (Right)
Tyet - Knot of Isis - Structured Plasma Supporting Life Djed Column - Dielectric Vacuum of Space

The Tyet logogram represents the structured plasma of the cosmos that powers all the Ankhs, supporting life in the cosmos. The Djed Columns represent the dielectric vacuum of space existing between the structured plasma where an electric field exists providing the regenerative power.

NOTE: Tutankhamun was buried in his burial chamber which is orientated in exactly a East West alignment. Therefore what is called the headrest supporting his head is in a North South alignment, exactly as explained is the true explanation of the headrest in Shu, and why it is orientated North South in alignment with the Earth's electrical properties..

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