Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone
Rosetta Stone (Egyptian Hieroglyphs - Top, Demotic - Middle, Ancient Greek - Bottom)

The word "hieroglyph" comes from the Greek ἱερός (hieros) meaning sacred or holy (i.e. from God) and γλυφή (glyphos) meaning carving.

The hieroglyphs were incorrectly understood by Champollion using the Rosetta Stone. Champollion believed that because the hieroglyphs were written alongside the phonetic texts of Demotic and Ancient Greek, the hieroglyphs would also be phonetic. As the discoveries at GodElectric show, this assumption was false.

GodElectric shows that the hieroglyphs are logograms, gifted to the planet by the cosmos in order to support life on Earth. Pictures of animals and plants on Earth are used to convey the truths of the Universe, explaining the fundamental theory of everything.

GodElectric discovered many examples of a pictographic code, deciphering Electricity, Magnetism and Gravity by resolving the hieroglyphs for Positive and Negative charge.

GodElectric showed how the females are the circuitry or electric nourishment to the cosmos, while the males are predominantly the processes. Together, both male and female are used to explain the existence of the Universe as love.

The Rosetta Stone shows us that Ancient Greek and Demotic texts have their origins in the cosmos, with the true understanding of the ancient texts now lost. However careful decipherment of the Egyptian hieroglyphs as logograms will recover their lost meaning.

For example:

True Decipherment of Ptolemy

Negative Charge
Collector Collector Folded Cloth 

Static Collected Magnifying transmitter captures negative charge resonance

Collector Collector Hoe Longitudinal Wave Carrier  Resonance
Negative Charge
 Negative Charge
Static Collector Collector Magnifying
Support Resonance
Negative Charge

Negative Charge Resonance Captured by magnifying transmitter collected static absorption of negative charge into land, negative charge resonance longitudinally transmitted and sewn into the ground and collected

True Decipherment of Cleopatra

  Magnetic Pole
Negative Charge

Propagate 'scavenge' of negative charge projected electric force 'scavenge' resonance captured by collectors magnified monopole

[[These are the basic translations, read the entire Electric Egyptology section of the website to find out how they have been obtained...]]