Thoth, in the form of an ibis, laid an egg from which Ra was born, describing the electric potential or voltage that propagates the Sun.

The Ibis is a tactile hunter, it uses a combination of receptors in its bill to sense its prey. GodElectric theorises that as well as mechano receptors the Ibis also uses electro receptors in its bill like the Platypus, and Thoth therefore defines Electric Potential or voltage. Ampullary electroreceptors allow response to low-frequency electric signals that are generated by animal nerves and hearts.

Thoth frog
Thoth as power by measuring Frog jump - Luxor Temple.

Known as the tongue and heart of Ra, Thoth indicates the electric potential across a star and is explained in Book of the Suns Electric Field. The papyrus shows what is commonly known as the scales of justice but is actually defined by the GodElectric hieroglyphs as the scale 'producing the plasma pinch heliosphere' or star.

It shows the store of charge indicated by the pot on the left and the surrounding galactic plasma shown as the feather on the right. Thoth with his electro sensitive bill is able to determine the creation of the plasma pinch that drives a star, indicated by Ammit.

Electric Field of the Sun
Electric Potential of the Sun

Positive ions leave the Sun and electrons enter the Sun. Both of these flows add to form a net positive current flowing through the Sun (entering at the poles and leaving radially at lower latitudes). This constitutes a plasma discharge analogous in every way (except size) to those that have been observed in electrical plasma laboratories for decades. Because of the Sun’s positive charge (voltage), it acts as the anode in a plasma discharge. As such, it exhibits many of the phenomena observed in earthbound plasma laboratory experiments.

Now that is the wisdom of a man, in every instance of his labour, to hitch his wagon to a star, and see his chore done by the Gods themselves.– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thoth showing Electric Potential as collection of Negative Charge to drive anodic positively charged Sun

Text to the left of Thoth reads: Supporting the Electric Potential or Voltage by many negative charges to the great great anode, many many many many units of charge to the core.

And the text to the right reads: Supporting the Electric Potential or Voltage by many negative charges to the anode, God many stores, projecting power to support charge store and its resonance.

Thoth has a headdress with horizontal horns that represent the heliosphere. Each Snake either side supports a Sun which is the outer Double Layer normally presented by a Shen Ring. In the center is two Ostrich Feathers that symbolize collector of charge and a lotus flower supporting a Sun, showing emission of light by the Star. Thoth holds the sceptre in his left hand to show that he receives power, and the Ankh in his right to show that he supports life. He is supported on the platform that represents a plasma pinch, which is the underlying mechanism of an electric star.

Nectanebo Obelisk
Nectanebo Obelisk, British Museum
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