Amentet emblem is the Electrostatic Negative Charge Collector supporting the strong coronal electric field of the Sun, Horus.

Amentet Emblem
Amentet Emblem

Also known as Ament, Amentit, Imentet and Imentit. She is female defining part of the circuitry of the cosmos that nourishes stars with electricity.

The hieroglyphs for Amentet start by describing the Heliospheric Current Sheet which is a ripple in the heliosphere created by the rotating magnetic field of the Sun. An Electric Current flows within the sheet. The current sheet is tilted and warped, because of a quadrupole magnetic moment in the solar magnetic field. It thus has a wavy, "ballerina skirt" like structure as it extends into interplanetary space, explained by the Quadrupole hieroglyph in Amentets name.

Heliospheric Current Sheet
Heliospheric Current Sheet

Amentet is closely linked to Hathor who defines her enclosure. The electric field is immeasurably weak. But in the immense volume of the heliosphere, it causes a drift of negative charge that becomes a focused electric current sufficient to power the Sun.

In 1972, Ralph Juergens wrote:

"The known characteristics of the interplanetary medium suggest not only that the sun and the planets are electrically charged, but that the sun itself is the focus of a cosmic electric discharge -- the probable source of all its radiant energy."

Heliosphere Electric Sun
Heliospheric Enclosure of The Electric Sun

In Nefertari Tomb shown below, Ra holds the sceptre defining the Strong Coronal Electric Field as the receptor of power from Amentet. Amentet to the left is defined by the hieroglyphs on her head as the Electrostatic Negative Charge that supports the Peregrine Falcon or strong coronal electric field. Amentet is shown holding Ra to represent a flow of negative charge from her to the strong coronal electric field of the Sun. A weak electric field causes a steady drift of negative charge that becomes a focused electric current sufficient to power the Sun.

Amentet Left, Ra Right - Nefertari Tomb

Further, use of the hieroglyphs for Amentet in explaining the function of Pyramids...

Huy Stele
Known as the Huy Stele - Actually says Electrostatic Negative Charge Collector with Anubis to the Left and Right.
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