Electricity Gravity Positive Charge

Sobek is the Stellar Pinch, the Crocodile jaw the most powerful pinch force measured of any animal on earth. Sobeks hieroglyphs describe the Anodic Sun Z-pinch Gravity Electrostatic.

Like the lights of a great city at night, stars are lit at great distances from where their power is being generated. Each star forms the focus of a Z-Pinch in the current stream, explained by Sobek as the mechanism known as the Bennett or Z-Pinch.

Matter is described by the hieroglyphs as gravity electrostatic, matter condenses at a maximum of the axial field in a birkeland current described by Sobek supported anode hieroglyph. In the negative region matter is 'sucked away'. The creation of Gravity is explained in further detail by Bes.

Z Pinch lightning rod
Crushed Lightning Rod - Pinch

Sobek supports a binary nebula on his head, the snakes are shown either side of the central star in the position that define the ejection of material along the nebula axis, the two smaller stars on the snakes head are the two Double Layers either side of the Sun, formed on the central Z pinch current column. The heliospheric boundary of the star is shown by the horns, and the two feathers represent the plasma wings. The stellar pinch that powers the star is shown as Sobek's Crocodile jaw.

Saltwater crocodiles slam their jaws shut with a bite force of 16,460N, Hyenas, lions, and tigers generate around 4,450N. The pinch effect is seen as the hourglass shape of the Bipolar Nebula below.

Whenever electric discharges take place in plasma, the current flow is compressed inward by induced magnetic fields. This effect is known as a z-pinch, and is a foundational principle of God Electric Kingdom. The compression can be so intense that plasma is squeezed down into solid particles. Indeed, stars and galaxies are thought to owe their existence to massive electric currents forming cosmic z-pinches in the vast clouds of plasma propelled through the God Electric Kingdom by larger electromagnetic fields

Bipolar Nebula M2-9
Bipolar Nebula M2-9 Showing the Stellar Pinch

Sobek describes the positive charge pinch force and Gravity as an electrical phenomenon. Sobek is shown bearing the falcon head of Ra-Harakhti, illustrating the fusion of Sobek and Ra into Sobek-Ra as the Electric force of a steller pinch.


Book of the Suns Crocodile Z Pinch goes into further detail, explaining how the stellar Bennett pinch is fed negative charge, from the red pot which represents a store.

Mummification is not yet understood. It maybe that animals were preserved as a means of decoding the hieroglyphs incase any mass extinction events occur. Anubis describes the embalming process in further detail.

Aswan Mummified Crocodile
Aswan Mummified Crocodiles
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