Tiye has hieroglyphs that describe the many collections creating the arc mode discharge [or flame] and is the consumption or 'burning' of negative charge, an attribute of which is the creation of light shown by the lotus plant Tiye is holding.

Tiye is an attribute of the lotus flower (meaning light projection).

Tiye holding Lotus Flower
Amenhotep III Tiye
Amenhotep III (Left) & Tiye (Right) - Egyptian Museum, Cairo

What Egyptologists call Kyphi, is actually the fuel of the stars and is the burning of negative charge as the true decipherment of the hieroglyphs show at GodElectric.org >>>


Burner Arm
Burner Arm

The other common type of hieroglyph for the burning of negative charge, is shown by a small pot with a flame, flickering from the top surface shown next to the Ibis, indicating electric potential or voltage from many negative charges [see Thoth].

Anode Tufts at the Photosphere are a sink/store for consumption of negative charge in the Electric Sun ...

Anode Tufts Photosphere
Anode Tufts at the Photosphere, Negative Charge Consumption

The Vase below would have a flame lit in the center to signify the burning of negative charge that nourishes the cosmos.

Amenhotep III Tiye Vase
Amenhotep III & Tiye Vase in the Louvre
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