Spindle Torus Core Neith Emblem

The colour of the Neith Emblem dictates the type of discharge mode the star or celestial body is operating in, the neith emblem represents the center of a spindle torus, the space that is shielded and protected by the torus...

Neith is also shown supporting the Pschent, or double crown of the inner and outer Galaxy. She sometimes has a phallus, like Min this represents electrostatic discharge. To the right of her wing is the vulture supporting the outer galaxy, the hieroglyphs read - "'Scavenging' Negative charge, attribute of propogating negative charge is 'scavenging' negative charge". To the left of her wing is the Lion of Aker supporting the collector. It reads "'Scavenge' negative charge, negative charge projected by weak electric field to the anode". Neith is supported on a rectangle meaning plasma, has her wing stretched out as a collector of negative charge and is female as she is part of the circuitry of the cosmos.


Neith defines the connection type for Birkeland Currents to a body or planet in our galaxy. It has four hooks that define the connection regions for the field aligned currents, shown by Kristian Birkeland Terrela experiment they connect the celestial body to God's Electricity. It is also colour coded to represent the type of celestial body, green represents a planet with life on it like Earth shown by hieroglyphs as a supported charge store, yellow is shown as an anodic celestial body like the Sun and grey is unknown. The breast of either Nut or Neith is often shown exposed to represent nourishment of God's Electricity to the planetary body or star as the spindle torus.

Sometimes Neith was pictured as a woman nursing a baby Crocodile, and she was titled "Nurse of Crocodiles", reflecting a provincial mythology that she served as either the mother or the consort of the stellar Z pinch described by Sobek. As mother of Ra, in her Mehet-Weret form, she was sometimes described as the "Great Cow who gave birth to Ra".

Neith's symbol and part of her hieroglyph also bore a resemblance to a loom, for weaving. She is closely related to Khnum as he describes the double layer torus sheath charge exists inside. She also uses a Bow, as a Bow is a metaphor for the ability to store charge in an electric field.

Neith - Connection

Butterfly Nebula M2-9 is representative of Neith, nursing a baby Crocodile. Magic stele shows two crocodiles interlapping at the base as how a star is formed by the stellar pinch. [[To be explained on diagram]]...

Neith - Nefertari Tomb
Neith - Nefertari Tomb Column
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