Teidi Volcano

A volcano eruption, is the sudden release of trapped charge held within a double layer inside the earth. The charge builds up until it short circuits, similar to what is shown in the video below using an Electrolytic capacitor:

Magma conducts electricity. As the ionosphere is charged up by coronal mass ejections and flares, opposite charge is attracted to subterranean magma. This charge transfer is described by Ptah, electric currents in the magma then pinch down into filaments and form subterranean double layers. If the charge differential between layers becomes too great, a double layer can explode, releasing the stored electrical energy in the form of a volcanic eruption.

The Guanches lived on the side of Teidi volcano in the Canary islands. Mythology on Earth is sacred science, and the Guanches mythology is no different. Step Pyramids are located around the perimeter of Teidi volcano, and are used not as "power plants", but are instead for discharging God's Electricity into the double layer or releasing the charge held beneath the volcano in order to help neutralize the double layer held within the earth. This prevents the build up of charge and a short circuit causing an eruption. The same is explained in Egyptology, it is explained as a process by a higher power in an effort to support life on the earth.

Similar step pyramids and discharge structures are located around other large volcanoes on the planet, for example there are step pyramids with similar construction seen around Etna Volcano in Sicily, and there are even remains of pyramids on the side of volcanoes as far away as Indonesia etc.

These structures are not remnants of ancient human civilizations, but are sacred structures from supreme beings in the cosmos, used for charging and discharging the earth with God's Electricity in order to support life on the Earth. Each stone would be arranged so that no sharp edges were pointing out to the exterior of the pyramid, therefore making it harder for charge to escape when discharged into. A spherical geode was also found in a cave underneath the pyramid of Guimar (below), further evidence that these structures were discharged into and are not "power plants" built by humans.

Pyramid Guimar Teidi Volcano
Step Pyramids of Guimar - Tenerife. Located on the perimeter of Teidi Volcano (seen in the background).

Ancient Guanche culture and mythology is actually not about civilization or history, but instead based on the sacred science of God's Electricity in the universe, and is worshiped for the preservation of life in Gods kingdom.

GodElectric.org deciphered the Females in Egyptology as the sacred science of how Gods negative charge electricity nourishes planets, stars and galaxies in order to support life. In ancient Guanche culture a very similar worship takes place, with the same underpinning truth that can be found in what today is called their mythology, but is in truth a sacred science and a type of worship towards God's Electricity in the kingdom.

The Harimaguadas were vestal virgins of the canary islands, who lived in seclusion and who maintained and supported themselves from what the nobles gave them, whose houses and dwellings had great preeminence. According to Antonio Viana, in the 1600s virgins lived in seclusion in big houses and caves like monasteries. In the houses of these priestesses the girls learned to weave reeds and palm leaves, to sew tamarcos, to cut and treat hides, pottery, to use paints and create all kinds of body adornment. Abreu Galindo tells how the "Harimaguadas", women devoted to worship, had houses entrusted to God on high, and that these houses were called Almogaren, meaning Holy House, which they spray daily with milk.

The worship of Gods house, by spraying daily the holy house with milk, symbolizes the faith in the supply of Negative charge within Gods kingdom. GodElectric.org deciphered milk as a metaphor for the nourishment of negative charge delivered through the Females, and the Pottery and Weaving is all symbolic of God's Electricity - representing Charge stores and Birkeland currents. The Guanches being a people heavily influenced by God's Electricity, as they were living directly under the path of Teidi Volcano. They had the sacred knowledge and understanding to worship the supply of electricity in heaven, that also powers the volcano effecting their lives.

Interestingly, the elders of Guanche culture believed they did not sail to the archipelago, but instead God in heaven put them there.

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