Electric Pyramids

No Pharaoh has ever been discovered inside a Pyramid, Pyramids were never built for Kings and Queens or monuments of a power hierarchy, and neither are they for 'resting bread' or famine. Using the true hieroglyphs, Pyramids are described as functional buildings, without which life would not exist on Earth. A Pyramid is an electric discharge structure used for transferring charge in the cosmos. The true hieroglyphs clearly explain this function of the Pyramid as an electric discharge structure, and not a power plant. When using GodElectric decipherment of the hieroglyphs it reads...

Pyramid facilitates the absorption of negative charge into the land, supporting the existence of life.

Electric Discharge Pyramid
Graphical Representation of Electric Discharge to a Pyramid charging the Earth

The hieroglyphs go into great detail explaining that Pyramids act as magnetic quadrupoles or what mainstream science would call a particle accelerator, a Pyramid injects high voltage negative charge deep inside the Earth. This is explained in further detail by Sopdu and Set.

The hieroglyphs explain that negative charge is absorbed into a celestial body to support life, described by the hieroglyph of the Ankh, which was decoded by GodElectric to mean 'Support Life'. Absorbing negative charge into a celestial body, maintains the scale height of the ionosphere indicated by Nephthys and its charge state and corresponding magnetic field shown by Seshat.

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Diamagnetism FrogNephthys
Seshat - Diamagnetic Frog Jump indicating Earths Magnetic Field Strength (Left) & Nephthys - Scale Height of the Positive Electrode Ionosphere (Right)

It was assumed by mainstream science that there is a source of negative charge to meet any deficiency. However, space is a far better vacuum than any we can achieve on Earth, so the assumption that there are sufficient negative charges available is not neccesarily true and this is shown by the true decipherment of the hieroglyphs at GodElectric. The females represent the circuitry of the universe and thus the supply of negative charge to a celestial body, supporting life in the Universe.

Karnak Temple Thutmosis II
True Decipherment of Thutmosis II at Karnak Temple, using GodElectric Hieroglyphs

The picture below was taken inside Hatshepsut Temple, and shows Horus receiving charge by Thutmosis. Horus is shown by the Peregrine Falcon, and represents the strong electric field that stores charge. He holds the Sceptre in one hand defining the strong electric field as a receptor of power, and in the other hand he holds the Ankh, showing that the Strong Electric Field also supports life. To his right is Thutmosis, the pots are being gifted to Horus as the strong electric field, symbolising the supply of electric charge as the nourishment of the Universe.

Hatshepsut Temple Horus Thutmosis
Horus as the Strong Electric Field Receiving Charge from Thutmosis - Inside Hatshepsut Temple, Luxor.

The hieroglyphs inbetween Horus and Thutmosis read:

Projected Resonant Collection of charge, watched over and Injected via Pyramid to Support Life

The text to the left also shows how they calibrate the anodic Stars, by regulating the supply of negative charge.

GodElectric also deciphered the Sphinx as 'Magnification to the East' due to the increased ionospheric wave guide by discharging to the Pyramids on the Giza Plateau. The Sphinx Stele was also deciphered revealing that Egyptian pots are a metaphor for a charge store, used to represent celestial bodies in space, they also explain how planets and stars store charge and are linked by plasma. Khnum with the horns of a Ram, shows how electric resonance is used to obtain electric nourishment from Nut at the poles. The horns of the ram also indicate how to shield our planet from major Solar outbursts and objects on a collision trajectory using this electricity. Shu, is the plasmasphere and known to have power over Snakes or solar ejection and describes the interaction between the Sun, Ra and the Earth. The Lion in the ground, or Sphinx, symbolises the magnification to the East as an ionospheric wave guide. The Earth as a spherical resonator, would have an increased current and magnetic field, the effect of which is described by Seshat, and forms what is known as a circulator. This means that radio waves that travel to the East, in the same direction that the Sphinx is facing, are magnified. The increased electric current will produce an increased magnetic field, causing the diamagnetic Frog to Jump higher against Earths Gravity. This is shown by the vertical displacement on Seshat's measuring palm at Luxor in Egypt.



Pyramid Hieroglyphs Pyramid Petrogram
Typical Ancient Texts describing the function of a Pyramid

Nikola Tesla also refers to the ground as a vast reservoir of negative electricity.

In his 'The Problem of Increasing Human Energy.' Tesla quotes - Whatever electricity may be, it is a fact that it behaves like an incompressible fluid, and the earth may be looked upon as an immense reservoir of electricity... -N. Tesla 1900

Pyramids are electric structures named as such, that the hieroglyphs describe aid in the absorption of negative charge into the land, supporting the existence of life on Earth. They perform an electrical function, harnessing electricity from the Universe, termed God's Electricity as it is projected using resonant energy of exploding Supernovae or the Sun to the Pyramid.

It is impossible for mankind to have constructed the Pyramids, as structures engineered to withstand earthquakes with tolerances that exceed engineering of today, showing little or no creep over generations.

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Pyramids Khafre Pyramid
(Left) Giza Plateau with Orion (Right) Pyramid of Khafre - Giza Plateau




Pepi II Headrest Plasmasphere
Pepi II Headrest and the Plasmasphere

The space environment of our entire solar system, both near Earth and far beyond Pluto, is determined by the sun's activity, which cycles and fluctuates through time according to the flow of Galactic Birkeland currents and God's Electricity. The solar system is filled with solar wind, the constant flow of charged particles from the sun. Most of the solar wind is deflected from Earth by our planet's protective magnetosphere.

However, under the right conditions, some solar particles and energy can penetrate the magnetosphere, disturbing Earth's magnetic field in what's known as a substorm. When the solar wind's magnetic field turns southward, the dayside, or sun-facing side, of the magnetosphere contracts inward. The back end, called the magnetotail, stretches out like a rubber band. When the stretched magnetotail finally snaps back, it starts to vibrate, much like a spring moving back and forth. Bright auroras can occur during this stage of the substorm.

In this unstable environment, electrons or what the diagram above explains as electrostatic negative charge in near-Earth space stream rapidly down magnetic field lines towards Earth's poles. There, they interact with oxygen and nitrogen particles in the upper atmosphere, releasing photons to create swaths of light that snake across the sky.