Djed Column

The Djed Column is the Dielectric Insulator, the insulating medium that exists between the two plates of a capacitor where the 'Regenerative Power' is stored in an electric field.

Stress always exists in mediums when charges are separated. In the same way a column exerts a force separating two elements of a structure, the insulating medium in a capacitor exerts a force that separates its two oppositely charged plates. The Djed Column can represent any insulating medium from the vacuum of space that exists between structures of plasma like Nut or Isis, to the atmospheric air on a planet like Earth, explained in further detail by Nephthys. The Djed Column is nearly always drawn orientated with the positive electrode supported above, and the negative electrode to the sides or below.

The Djed column was sometimes depicted with sheaves of grain tied to it, this is because the aether is described by the hieroglyph of a Wheat Plant. The sheaves of grain represent the processed energy of the aether and its regenerative power held by the Djed Column in the dielectric vacuum of space. The concept of the aether is explained in further detail at Deir el-Medina and Seti I Temple.

Djed Column
The Djed Column

The rotating iron core is not what generates Earths electricity, instead Planets are minor electrodes within a stellar discharge envelope. The electrical energy is delivered to stars and planets in the manner of a simple Faraday motor through Nut at the poles of the Earth, the hieroglyphs explain that the earth is nourished with electricity from the Galaxy, using milk as a metaphor for electricity. The Themis spacecraft recently confirmed that giant Birkeland currents connect the Earth’s upper atmosphere to the Sun. Electrically charged particles are channelled at speeds of more than a million miles per hour along twisted magnetic field lines into the earths ionosphere, where they power the auroras.

Pepi II Headrest Plasmasphere
(Above) Pepi II Headrest and the Plasmasphere

The picture below explains the electric nourishment of the Earth ( Geb ) - shown lying down at the bottom, via the plasma link birkeland current at the poles ( Nut ) - shown linking the Stars above.

Milky Way Galaxy - Nut
Milky Way Galaxy - Nut
Milky Way Galaxy - Nut
Earths Electricity
Nut, Geb and Shu - Showing Earths connection to the cosmic power line or God's Electricity
Djed Column - Dielectric (Vacuum) Magnetic Dipole - Magnetic Field Positive Electrode - Ionosphere Collector Negative Charge - Like Electron Electrostatic

Nut is shown held in position by the two men in white dress to her left and right, they hold their arms through the Ankh which rests on a Djed Column, this represents the dielectric vacuum of space that supports the electric force holding Nut in position.

In the centre of the picture you will see Shu as the plasmasphere. At about 90km above the earth's surface atmospheric gas density becomes low enough to support the conditions for a plasma. This plasma forms a conductive layer which becomes the positive electrode ionosphere, this is represented by the two positive electrode baskets suspended to the left and right of Shu.

Shu then arouses Nut with his arms allowing electric nourishment to flow from Nut to Geb, this facilitates the mechanism explained by Khnum, that by increasing the amplitude of natural Schumann frequencies you allow the capture of useful electrical power. Shu also supports the dipole magnetic field of the Earth on his head, showing how this circuit generates the earth's magnetic field.

At the hands and feet of Geb and Nut are the poles of the Earth, here you will see the hieroglyphs for a 'negative charge electrostatic collector', describing in a similar principle to Amentet, how electrical nourishment is delivered to the earth. Negative charge or what we call electrons, are known to move along a Birkeland currents that connect at the poles of the Earth, it is here that a double layer forms producing what we call the Aurora.

Shown below is a similar picture. It explains the same principle of how to draw electricity from the cosmos through the plasma link birkeland current ( Nut ) using the plasmasphere ( Shu ) and the Djed Column. The Djed Column is shown in a different position to the first picture, shown between Shu and Geb this time the Djed Column represents the dielectric - Air.

Planetary Faraday Djed Column
How to harness God's Electricity - Taken from Cassell's Illustrated Family Bible.
Djed - Dielectric (Air)
Sceptre - Received Power
Ankh - Support Life Horus - Electric Field

Geb is shown as a collector with feathers drawn throughout his body, and the earth becomes a self repairing capacitor accumulating and storing electric charge in the earths electric field described by Nephthys. Nut links to Geb at the poles of the earth, negative charge is collected by Geb in a Faraday action induced by Nephthys as the positive enclosure.

The Earths surface and its ionosphere are two conducting layers separated by an insulating medium air. When charge is placed on one conductor it attracts charge of the opposite polarity on the other conductor. As a result, an electric field is set up between the conductors, a reservoir of electrical energy. Around the equatorial region, the insulator breaks down and the capacitor short circuits, releasing the stored electrical energy that can be seen as lightning, shown by the central location of the Djed Column.

Earths magnetosphere contains sufficient potential energy so that the resonant excitation of the earths ionosphere cavity Nephthys can reasonably be expected to increase the amplitude of natural Schumann frequencies, facilitating the capture of useful electrical power. This is explained by Khnum and is shown as the Was or Sceptre meaning 'received power' to the right side of Shu the plasmasphere in the central illustration above.

At Dendera Temple shown below is a cartouche of two Djed Columns as the dielectric air that form the space between the positive electrode ionosphere above, that connects to Gods Structured Plasma (God's Electricity) and the negative electrode Earth below.

Djed Column Djed Column Example
Dendera Temple - Djed Column

Maat, Nuts counterpart is shown with her wings fanned inwards collecting electricity from the Djed Column and then supporting the structured plasma and the stars on her head.

The movement of the Djed Column in Seti I Temple by Isis and Seti with the inner galaxy maintaining the dielectric insulator that supports the Sun.

Djed Column Seti I Temple
Movement of the Djed Column, Seti I Temple
Djed Column - Dielectric (Vacuum) Isis - Structured Plasma Inner Galaxy Outer Galaxy Movement
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