Hathor is the Heliosphere, described by the hieroglyphs as Horus or the Peregrine Falcon inside an enclosure, meaning the Electric Field Enclosure.

Her defensive horns symbolize the protection of the heliospheric plasma sheath, also known as defender of the Sun Ra.

The heliosphere lies far beyond the outermost planets and has been actively explored by the Voyager spacecraft. Across a thin boundary of the heliospheric sheath there is a strong electric field and the intense field across the boundary sheath contrasts sharply with the electrical environment inside the sheath like an enclosure protecting the planets.

Hathor is female and therefore part of the circuitry of the cosmos, she is closely linked to Amentet. Amentet has hieroglyphs which describe the circuitry within the Heliosphere whereby a drift of negative charge becomes a focused electric current sufficient to power the Sun.

Heliosphere Electric Sun
Hathor is the Heliospheric Electric Field Enclosure, her Horns symbolize the Heliospheric Plasma Sheath

The entire heliosphere lies at the core of an invisible hourglass shape, formed by the pinching of galactic currents described by Sobek. The dynamics of this circuit are explained by Aker, understood as the Hannes Alfven Solar circuit.

Pictured below, Hathor is shown standing on a resonance platform, with hieroglyphs that describe her as the electric field enclosure or heliosphere. It describes negative charges as received power to the solar store, negative charges electrostatically collected via Amentet Quadrupole Heliospheric Current Sheet.


Hathor headdress shows Horns, recognised as the defensive and protective element of an animal on Earth mirroring the function of the Heliosphere in space.

Hathor Headdress
Hathor Headdress
God Hathor Hathor Horns
Hathor (left) Heliosphere (right) - Nefertari Tomb

In cow form she represents a personification of the Milky Way, her horns are the milky ways boundary sheath and the milk that flowed from the cow is the electric nourishment provided by the Milky Way.

In the British Museum, what is called a Libation Bowl - clearly shows the hieroglyph for a Star or Sun with Hathor shown on its outside edge explaining the Strong Electric Field Enclosure as Hathor.

Hathor Bowl
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