Pyramid Electric Field

Sopdu is Male and therefore defines the process of creating the Pyramids electric field which acts as a a quadrupole particle accelerator. The Pyramid behaves this way because of its shape, and allows for the injection of intense negative charge deep inside the earth, charging the planet with God's Electricity.

Sopdu Set
Sopdu and Set Receiving Power

Sopdu and Set are shown together above. Set shows that a pyramid receives it power as a great connection of negative charge. Sopdu describes how this received power is focused using a quadrupole magnetic field created by the shape of the pyramid and its corresponding electric field.

The outer casing of the Great Pyramid was covered with white tufa limestone, so tightly built that not even a razor blade could fit between the blocks. The white tufa limestone does not contain magnesium and has high insulating properties. This insulation property prevented the electricity inside the pyramid from being released without control.

The stone blocks used inside the pyramid were made of another form of limestone containing crystal which is an extremely high electrical conductor and a small amount of metal, which allow for maximum power transmission. The shafts inside the pyramid were lined with granite. Granite, as a conductor, is a slightly 'radioactive' substance and permits the ionization of the air inside these shafts. It is likely that during electrical discharge the air inside these shafts turns to plasma. When we look at an insulated electric cable, we see that conductive and insulation materials are used in the same way as in the Pyramids.

Mercury is found in some Pyramids all across the world from China to South America, it is liklely this enables the pyramid to act like a mercury arc valve - converting high voltage AC current to DC, charging the planet with negative charge.

The Quadrupole behaviour is because of the shape of the Pyramid it means a negative charge electron beam is fired into the centre of the earth charging the planet.

This is an extraordinary universe, it appears there are a number of ways pyramids can be operated depending on their construction, the hieroglyphs describe many functions always designed to support life on earth - from charging a planet, changing the shape and height of the plasmasphere to even manipulating gravity.

Sopdu has hieroglyph which show as many Quadrupoles on land created by electric-field pyramid. Quadrupole is evident as cave system shaped like a 4 leaf clover under pyramids such as Teotihuacan in Mexico.

Sopdu is similar to Sopdet

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