Menkaura Hathor Bat
Hathor (left), Menkaura (center) and Bat (right) - Cairo Museum

Bat is female and therefore represents part of the circuitry that provides the nourishment of negative charge in the cosmos. Her hieroglyphs that describe the function of the Sistrum as negative charge scavenged power, i.e. the power of negative charge detected.

Sistrum - Power meter

The Sistrum is not a musical instrument.

The Greek σεῖστρον seistron; literally means "that which is being shaken" - Not meaning that which you must shake, but that which is being shaken (obviously) by electric field conditions due to the metalic rods and high energy electric events that can happen on the Earth.

Plutarch said, that the shaking of the four bars within the circular apsis indicated the agitation of the four elements (water/sea, air, ground, fire) within the magnetic field or compass of the world, by which all things are continually destroyed and reproduced.

The Sistrum is therefore a receiver or detector of the Electric Field conditions that drive climatic systems on the Earth, such as large storms, earthquakes and volcanoes.

The Tutankhamun Sistrum is a functional object, the handle is made out of wood covered with gold leaf conductor. It takes the shape of a support, the upper loop is made out of conductive metal covered with gold leaf conductor. There are 3 serpent-like metal rods, with 3 square metal plates running through them that are free to move. The Sistrum is predominantly held by females with the exception being Ihy, and therefore is a tool relating to the detection of negative charge.

Bat supports the Sistrum and Comb.

Human hair becomes positive (+) in charge when combed. A hard rubber or plastic comb will collect negative (-) charges on its surface. Since similar charges repel, the hair strands will push away from each other, especially if the hair is very dry. Since the comb is negatively charged, it will attract object with a positive charge like hair. Hathor and Bat have combed hair to symbolize the exchange of charge as the heliosphere passes through space.

Menkaure Hathor Anput
Hathor, Menkaure and [Wepwawet | Anput | Bat ]

Hathor and [Bat] with combed hair are shown clutching Menkaure showing that they pass this electrostatic charge to the inner galaxy.

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