Senusret III



[Under Construction - Electricity across the Universe]

The inscription is surrounded by the plasma circuit hieroglyph at the top supported on two sceptres showing that power is received from the wider cosmos. The Winged Sun is then shown in the center of the inscription with Senusret III facing both to the left defining the Outer Galactic Circuit and again to the right defining the Inner Galactic circuit relative to the Winged Sun. The Winged Sun aligns within the Galactic arms magnetic field that carries current along Nut, making this alignment between the inner and outer galaxy possible.

The Diamagnetic Frog is shown supported by the Shen Ring next to vertical measurement Palms either side of the Winged Sun as a reference to electrical Power, that in turn supports Heh - known as time. In an Electric Cosmos, time is a function of electrical throughput of a Star.

The Flow of Negative Charge along the Galactic Circuit - Senusret III
Electric Galaxy
Electric Galaxy - Galactic current circuit with the galaxy as a unipolar inductor.
The Flow of Negative Charge in the Outer Galactic Circuit - Senusret III Left Side

Horus as the Strong Electric Field is shown on the outer galactic circuit, like the galactic heliosphere and refers to 'battle' between Horus and Set that their operation supports the anodes or stars...

The Flow of Negative Charge in the Inner Galactic Circuit - Senusret III Right Side

[[Big clue Montu is rhs and also the Set animal]]

Temple of Nebhepetre Mentuhotep II

Statues of the Twelfth Dynasty king Senusret III were found here.

Stela Senusret III
Stela Header of Senusret III

The Stela is read from the center outwards at the top, "Negative charge [To Core] from tip of plasma wing". Highlighting the function of the electric Sun collecting negative charge from the Cosmos.


The Stela is then read from right to left: "Support life with strong electric field God conducts electric field of anodic Sun to support 'Scavenge' and Solar Ejection. Gods lightning negative charge electric field to extract and grow negative charge as stable negative charge collection to a pyramid to support life."




On the next line: "Support Life Strong Electric Field of entrapped celestial body, wave operation negative charge injected, plasma confinement or river injection, anodic lands. Resonant electrostatic projection of negative charge connection wave via pyramid to support life from dielectric regenerative power, recieving this power to absorb negative charge into the land."

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