Giza Plateau

The hieroglyphs found in the West Field of the Giza Plateau, explain the function of the Pyramids on the Giza Plateau. The overwhelming evidence for this understanding is only apparent using the true decipherment of electricity into the ancient hieroglyphs, decoded by GodElectric.org in 2013.

The hieroglyphs on the plateau go into great detail explaining both why and how an offering of negative charge was made to the Earth in order to support life. The flow of charge supports Earths Double layer, and corresponding electric and magnetic fields that shield us from cosmic rays and solar outbursts.

Below are examples taken from the Giza Plateau showing you the true meaning of the hieroglyphs on the Plateau deciphered by GodElectric.org:

Abu-Bakr - Akhethetep (Male)


Give Plasma Offering Resonant Negative Charge, (increase) Negative Charge Electric Potential


The GodElectric.org decipherment of electricity into the hieroglyphs, describes Akhetthetep as the gift of a resonant negative charge plasma offering, to maintain and increase the negative charge electric potential (of the earth).

Further examples confirm this understanding:

Abu-Bakr - Hemtakhti (Female)

Seek Great Negative Charge Electric Potential

Abu-Bakr - Nihetepkhnum


Plasma Offering of Resonant Negative Charge to the Oscillating Double Layer

Outer Lintel of Nihetepkhnum 'Mastaba' - Called a False door, is actually symbolizing the opening to the Earth, describing the charging of the Earth.

From right to left the text describes transfering charge to the double layer of the earth using Pyramids:

Grow Negative Charge, Pyramid Negative Plasma Charge offering, Pyramid Resonant stored charge within the double layer, God [something] Electrostatic monopole projected [sarcophagus] to seek the collection of charge for strong electric field, producing anode [radiant store] project through ionosphere God great guide enclosure with sieve ionosphere electric field perforated, electrostatic [something] discharged to double layer, plasma negative charge oscillation offering.

Further information:

Nihetepkhnum 'Mastaba' - Giza Plateau (Describing the Charging of the Earth)

As an example the basic GodElectric.org translation of the left column reads:

Grow negative charge to pyramid, plasma charge offering to home / Earth, Negative Charge oscillation perforate home / Earth [oscillating current / lung] [face] [star - full] [star - half] to seek sheath and stored charge magnetic field, negative charges support electric potential capture stored charges, offering to anode [plasmasphere/ionosphere] seek stable magnetic field [anode] [anode].

To understand in further detail the different processes required to charge the Earth are explained in what humans call 'Mastabas', but are in fact explaining the physics of charging the Earth...

G5330 - Ihy

Collect charge to collect Birkeland Current

G5210 - Khemetnu

G5210 Khemetnu
Hieroglyphs at top of 'Mastaba' G5210


Discharge Many [3 order] Negative Charge Oscillation through the Plasma Sieve (Ionosphere)

Explaining the negative charge discharged through the (ionosphere) projected by God [Flag hieroglyph].

5230 - Babaf

Inject Electrical Power to Double Layer Store

Traditionally Babaf was understood as "His Ba is Khnum" (Wiki), but using the GodElectric Hieroglyphs he describes the injection of electrical power into the Double Layer around the planet for store and consumption (supporting the magnetic field of the Earth).

5110 - Duaenre


Capture Oscillation of Stars Electric Force Projection Operation

Traditionally Duaenre was understood as (Wiki), but using the GodElectric Hieroglyphs he describes capturing oscilation of a stars electric force projection operation.

5110 - Khentkaus - Electrostatic Stable [linked] Surplus Charge Stores

5110 - Isu - Electric Field Grows with Collection of Charge

5150 - Henkit

- Collect Charge, Operate Pyramid, Negative Charge to Anode Charge Store Birkeland Current

5150 - PtahHotp

- Resonant negative charge within birkeland current resonant negative charge

G5010 -> G5090

G5032 - Redenes Electrostatic absorption oscillation projected pyramid, wife Mertiotes electrostatic negative charge injection sewn in.

From right to left:Grow Negative Charge projected through ionosphere, to move charge, stable negative charge oscillation electrostatics, attribute of entrapment/power

Khafre Pyramid
Khafre Pyramid - Giza Plateau. For Discharging through the Earths Crust, to charge planet earth in order to support life

More truth coming soon! :)

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