Neper is male, and therefore a process with hieroglyphs that describe the collection of charge through wave resonance projection. He is known as the grain of the cosmos, the grain is often shown located inside the stellar dipole magnetic field of stars, where what we call 'atoms' congregate.

Pictured in human form, Neper is often depicted as a child nourished by Renenutet. The hieroglyphs explain how Renenutet supplies nourishment to Neper in the form of ejected material [atoms], Neper has a body dotted to represent grains of corn, grains of corn are also shown held in magnetic fields, like the dipole field of the Sun in deir el medina [etc]. The grain is what we understand and call the atom.

Nikola Tesla said - "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." - Tesla made no mention of the particle and the same paradigm is true of the hieroglyphs. The particle is another wrong turn that has led physics to a dead end. The secret is that what we understand as the atom, is in fact a standing wave where the nucleus is a nodal point on that wave.

Atoms are basically waveform electrical pinch points following frequency geometry. Science is beginning to explore these concepts envisaged by pioneers such as Tesla (see SAM).

Neper is the grain of the cosmos, his hieroglyphs describe him as the 'resonant wave projector collecting charge'. The grain of the cosmos is produced from the wheat plant or Aether.

His hieroglyphs are describing the standing wave as the grain or energy of the cosmos, there is no need for the particle in any form - everything in the Universe is described using waves. The Grain is grown by the Wheat plant.

Neper Grain Sennedjem Tomb
Neper as Grain - Tomb of Sennedjem, Deir el-Medina

The same experiment holds true for much larger 'particles', even up to the size of Carbon 60, because all these so called 'particles' at the atomic level are infact standing waves of structure.

Neper body was dotted to represent grains of corn. The Grain represents the projected resonant wave and is shown by the hieroglyphs as held in magnetic fields...

Often depicted as a child suckled by Renenutet, because ejected material from the Sun creates atoms.

Hieroglyphs read collection of resonant wave projection. and was identified as the source of the nourishment.

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