Book of the Suns Crocodile Z Pinch

Papyrus previously known as "Guide to the Afterlife for the Custodian of the Property of the Goddess Mut Sesech with Symbolic Illustrations Concerning the Dangers in the Netherworld". It however actually has nothing to do with an afterlife. Instead the papyrus describes from right to left how negative charge is collected in the pot shown as the charge store, and then fed to the crocodile, describing the Z pinch of an Electric Star. The Papyrus describes in detail the mechanisms and physical processes supporting our anode star in an electric cosmos.

Book of the Sun Book of the Sun
Book of the Sun
Book of the Sun Crocodile Z Pinch - [Berlin, Altes Museum]

Use the scroll bar to scan across the papyrus from right to left. For a more complete decipherment use the hieroglyphs available in the reference section...

Photospheric Granules are anode tufts plasma in arc mode... tufts fill up with negative charge, like a store representing the sun as the pot ...

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