The meaning of Hu is creation, and the hieroglyphs for Hu describe the mechanism God uses to create in the God Electric Kingdom.

An Electric field, no matter how weak, will initiate an electric current that generates a magnetic field. Those fields interact with the magnetic fields generated by other currents. In images from space, as well as in high-speed photographs of plasma activity in the laboratory, those currents are seen to form twisted pairs of filaments, called Birkeland currents. Birkeland currents follow magnetic field lines and draw charged material from their surroundings with a force 39 orders of magnitude greater than gravity. Magnetic fields pinch the ultra-fine dust and plasma into heated blobs of matter called plasmoids.

The image below was taken from the Hubble telescope and shows Star formation in the Orion Nebula, you can see the young stars that are shaping the nebula and the pillars of dense gas directed by electric fields.

Star Forming Orion Nebula
Hu - Orion Nebula

God Electric Kingdom Cosmology comes from the principle that only electric currents create magnetic fields and vast electrical currents stream across interstellar and intergalactic space. Plasma is a gas in which electrons have been removed from some of the atoms and so has become ionised. Like a metal where electrons are free to move, plasma is an excellent electrical conductor. Plasma naturally forms filaments in response to electric and magnetic fields and this is described by the hieroglyphs for Hu a creator God. Filaments may "pinch" magnetically to form stars. Stars are not isolated but receive electrical power from the galaxy and cosmic web hence the million degree solar corona described as an endothermic animal that absorbs energy, the Cobra. Electromagnetic forces are infinitely more powerful than gravity and can either repel or attract. Gravity only attracts.

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