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A solar coronal mass ejection blasts plasma throughout the solar system.

Solar Flares
Solar Ejection known as a Flare | Captured by SOHO

Electromagnetic forces occur when an electromagnetic field interacts with electrically charged particles, such as those that make up a plasma (ie. electrons, protons and other ions). It include the electric force, which produces electric fields between charged forces, and the magnetic force, which manifests itself as magnetic fields wherever there are moving charges.

Qadesh has hieroglyphs that describe the processes of a Solar Ejection, known as a Flare or CME. She is female, and therefore provides electric nourishment but has no negative charge hieroglyph in her name and therefore includes the ejection of positive charge plasma, what we understand and know as Solar Proton Flux.

GOES Proton Flux - This shows the High Energy Proton bombardment Ejected by the Sun.

When magnetic fields collapse due to the interruption of the currents that produce them, they do not "break" or "merge" and "recombine" as some uninformed astronomers have claimed. The field simply collapses (very quickly!). On the Sun this collapse releases a tremendous amount of energy, and matter is thrown out away from the surface - as with any explosively rapid reaction, what is described by the hieroglyphs for Qadesh.

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The first line on the left of the stele reads.. Galaxy 'Scavenging' negative charge depositing to anode, negative charge resonance (absorption) via plasma link circuit.

The second line on the left of the stele reads.. [Min] or attribute of supporting the Nebula is supernovae wave collected by celestial body.

Qadesh Stele
Qadesh Stele

[[Magnification supporting the heliospheric circuit creating glow discharge and absorption of projected plasma.]]

Qadesh is wearing the headdress of Hathor, standing on a lion she holds a lotus flower to Min and a snake to Resheph.

She is female, therefore describing her as part of the circuitry of space that provides the nourishment to a star.

Qadesh hieroglyphs read 'ejection electric force plasma'. She is electrostatic discharge that causes a glow (Min) because she is depicted absorbing projected plasma as resonance from (Resheph) and magnified to support the Sun.

She is supported on the back of the lion which defines magnification, the lion is also shown either side of Aker and confirms the lion as measning magnification as it shows the dynamics of the Hannes Alfven Solar Circuit.

She holds lotus leaves in her left hand, alongside Min to show that she creates and operates light from electrostatic discharge (Min). Lotus leaves sink underwater at night and represent the beautifying of the dark of space.

Resheph is next to the snake meaning the absorption of projected plasma created via resonance of the electric field.

Qadesh Stele
Qadesh Stele
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