Nut is described by the hieroglyphs as the Plasma Link supporting flow of Negative Charge to a Charge Store, Nut is the flow of negative charge in space. Birkeland Currents are electric currents, and all electric currents create magnetic fields. One example of a Birkeland current is the connection that powers the auroras, or the connection between Nut and Geb. This connection was studied by a Norwegian Scientist named Kristian Birkeland which led to the discovery of the Birkeland Current in 1908. Electric currents propagate throughout space, and it is why the hieroglyph that originally meant the sky or horizon, actually means a Plasma Link, because the sky or space above us is made up of Plasma Links. Nut has stars forming her backbone, she is the neural pathway of the God Electric Kingdom, carrying information of the senses or Wedjat across the cosmos as non transverse, longitudinal waves. Nut is also female, often shown with her breast exposed to symbolize that she forms part of the circuitry of the God Electric Kingdom, nourishing both planets and stars with God's Electricity. Maat is her counterpart, with her inward facing wing she shows electric current being focused, usually towards a Double Layer or the Heliosphere as described by Hapi and Hathor respectively.

Nut Sarcophagus Alongside Plasma Filaments of Nebula M2-9
Nut Coffin of Peftjauneith Alongside Butterfly Nebula M2-9

Nut demonstrates how a star is powered by her wings stretched across her Sarcophagus. A feather functions as a collector of air, allowing a bird to fly and in a similar fashion Nut represents how a Plasma Wing in space collects Charge to power a star. The principle behind this can be explained in more detail by Amentet and Sobek, or the Z-Pinch effect. Concentric plasma filaments of a Z-Nebula create a pinch effect, collecting and focusing electricity and the powerful magnetic forces create a Z pinch effect that powers a star.

Nut as Plasma Connection Circuit - Negative Charge to Store

Nut also supports the Earth explaining that Geb is a collector of charge, depicted on the Coffin of Pedusiri shown below it shows a bluey green planet, meaning Earth, supported by Nut with her wing stretched open. In 2009 Themis satellite discovered twisted magnetic field lines stretching out to the Sun with excess of 100,000 Amperes flowing into the poles of the Earth. This discovery confirmed that Earth is not a dynamo, but instead a collector of Charge through Birkeland Currents connected to the Sun. The charge store of earth is explained by Nephthys as a spherical capacitor and Shu as the Ionosphere or direct connection.

Nut - Earth Connection - God Electric Kingdom
Nut Supporting Planet Earth's collection of negative charge - Coffin of Pedusiri

Nut is known for many attributes, one of which is 'She who protects' as her job was to envelop and protect Ra or the Sun. Maat, Nuts counterpart is shown focusing current toward Hathor, the Suns Heliosphere, storing charge in the electric field as its shown in Nefertari Tomb. The Heliosphere is an electric field enclosure that lies far beyond the outermost planets protecting them from cosmic rays.

Nut is also known as 'Coverer of the Sky' with stars touching the different points of her body she describes the fact that 99.9% of matter in the Universe exists as Plasma. In the God Electric Kingdom the sky or space consists of Stars daisy chained together in a circuit, like beads on a string carrying electric current.

Another description of Nut is 'She who Bore the Gods'. Plasma star birth happens in the God Electric Kingdom because of charge separation. Hu describes how an electric field no matter how weak will initiate an electric current that generates a magnetic field, the source of creation from the Aether.

Nut is also a Cow Goddess, she carries the heavens on her back in the form of a Cow or the Milky Way. However, she generally takes the form of a naked woman covered with stars, holding her body up in an arch, facing downwards. Her arms and legs are the pillars of the sky, showing how current flows along magnetic field lines of a spiral galaxy, as in our own Milky Way.

Milky Way Galaxy - Nut
Milky Way Galaxy - Nut
Milky Way Galaxy - Nut
Nut - Backbone of the Stars - God Electric Kingdom
Nut - Backbone of the Stars - Electric Galaxy
Electric Galaxy
Electric Galaxy

In the Electric Galaxy model current flows inward along the arms of the galaxy, generating an encircling magnetic field. The action of Khepri, a Scarab beetle described as 'travelling through the body of Nut' is used to explain the mechanism by which individual stars are powered. It was at the turn of the 20th Century, an Inventor named Nikola Tesla first accomplished transmission of wireless electricity using the Tesla coil. But it wasn't until Hannes Alfven in 1970, that the Sun and its environment was theorized in terms of electrodynamics and circuit theory, using longitudinal waves in plasma to allow for the transmission of electricity across the cosmos.

In Dendera Temple Nuts body is elongated across the ceiling with a chain of lotus flowers, this symbolizes the filamentation of currents in a plasma and the beautifying of space around her. Plasma naturally becomes concentrated into filaments in response to electric and magnetic fields.

Nut - Dendera Temple
Nut - Ceiling at Dendera Temple
Glow DischargeGlow Discharge WedjatWedjat Conduction

On the ceiling at Dendera Nuts body contains both Khepri and the Wedjat, showing that she is the neural pathway of the cosmos carrying impulses from the senses as compression waves across interstellar space. Compression waves are non-linear, non-Hertzian waves, which have the ability to carry information. They travel faster than the speed of light and do not decay over time or distance. These waves are generated by your organs, with the heart being 100 times more powerful than the brain, encoded by your DNA they transmit your experiences electrically across interstellar space. It is also possible to receive signals from your environment, and how the Ancients knew thought as a sense. When you prey or meditate, you are maintaining a calm state of mind and heart so you can interpret any abstract thinking. Through doing this you are being receptive to the longitudinal compression waves in the God Electric Kingdom, communicating with God and the unknown.

Nut - Spiritual Pathway Through the Cosmos Nut - Birkeland Current
(Left) Nut, Shu and Geb - Spiritual Pathway of the Cosmos. (Right) Birkeland Current in Space - Braided Current Sheets of Cygnus Loop of the Veil Nebula.

The Wedjat or receptor of input is shown in the lower left corner above Geb, showing that your sensory input resonates in the ionospheric cavity and leaves Earth to enter Nut at the poles. Known as 'She who holds a Thousand Souls', Nut is the spiritual circuit of the cosmos, a route to another realm. Everything a life form experiences is electric, and in contact with the Universe through Nut, there are no isolated islands in space.

In 1999 researchers from the University of California at Berkeley were able to use a region of a Cats brain called the thalamus, and linear decode signals into visual images. The hieroglyph of the Eye indicates the remote viewing of a planet through its life forms. It is also the foundation of the hieroglyphs, by understanding different animals and the characteristics they possess in their environment you understand the God Electric Kingdom. The Wedjat is drawn inside Nut, as the electrical impulses of the different lifeforms are carried throughout the Universe along Nut, like a mechanism for experiencing the Universe. Importantly, there is always specific reference to the Ankh, and the importance of supporting life in the God Electric Kingdom as it is a means of protecting it. It shows us that the Universe is about creation and beauty underpinned by love, this is also expressed through the relationship between Osiris and Isis as components of God's Electricity.

Nut Tree Sennedjem
Nut as Branch of Sycamore Tree offering negative charge - Tomb of Sennedjem

Nut as the Sycamore tree, symbolizing the structured plasma of the Universe providing the fruits of the tree as negative charge. Nut is shown gifting negative charge from the tree in pots to feed electric and magnetic fields shown by horus wing and palm growing from a pot. The tree is labelled as Nut, negative charge to charge store via plasma connection circuit (plasma link). The pots provided by Nut and the tree are labelled as electrostatic negative charge collected.

The universe is a web of electric circuitry, the hieroglyphs explain how negative charge is regulated and ordered by Supreme Beings to ensure life is supported in the cosmos.

The picture below is similar, it shows how God watches over negative charge delivered to feed electric and magnetic fields.

It is likely the Buds on the heads symoblize the formation of entirely new sycamore trees, showing how the universe grows and expands supporting life...

Nut Sycamore Tree
Nut as Sycamore Tree gifting negative charge powering Magnetic and Electric Fields - Neues Museum

Columns 1-8 above deciphered. [Negative charge from the universe feeding electric field and corresponding magnetic field]

Column 1: Negative charge to charge store via plasma circuit (Nut), negative charge projected by electric field, [creating] God many lightning watched over [delivering] negative charge.

Column 2: Watch over, projection and collection negative charge store to celestial body. Anode attracts negative charge. Gravity supporting negative charge electric discharge electric induction, negative charge celestial body anode, negative charges (birkeland current?) inducted.

Column 3:

Column 4: Negative charge gifted connection ... seek powering many vortices...

Column 5: Attribute watching over structured plasma, anode attracts negative charge to home from Gods aether, resonant negative charge.

Column 6: Collect Supernovae Plasma Ejections (cosmic rays) to celestial body, Gods many many negative charges from deep space aether.

Column 7: Accelerate with electric force, operate collection connection negative charge.

Column 8: Attribute [bud?] is scavenging negative charge.

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