Black Pyramid Amenemhat III

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Plasma Ejection - Supernovae Energy Wave
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Magnify Negative Charge

"Collector of Cosmic Rays (Ionising Radiation) to Seek Magnified Negative Charge (Avalanche Discharge), magnetic monopole to [carry] electricity supporting life Pyramid."

Black Pyramid Amenemhat III
Black Pyramid of Amenemhat III

The pyramid is made of mud brick and clay instead of stone.


To explain the function of magnified negative charge please see Pakhet.

Pyramidion of Amenemhat III
Pyramidion of Amenemhat III
Grow Celestial Body Wave
Produce Land Negative Charge Pyramid Ankh - Support Life Absorption

The hieroglyphs on the Pyramidion begin with the Winged Sun explaining the function of the Electric Sun collecting charge that supports life with the whole process watched over. The right side of the ancient text then reads:

"Extracting negative charge, ionospheric wave (Schumann resonance) to produce negative charge land using Pyramid to support life by absorbing negative charge into the land."

The left side reads:

Entrapped celestial body, supernova wave (Ionoising radiation) seek magnified negative charge (Townsend avalanche) using Pyramid to support life absorbing negative charge in the land."

For further information, see Amenemhat.

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