Karnak Temple

Karnak Temple Milky Way
Karnak Temple Aligned to Milky Way Galaxy - Photographer George

Karnak Temple is aligned to the Milky Way Galaxy showing how the galaxy is powered by God's Electricity, when using GodElectric.org hieroglyphs ...

Below is a diagram showing the Hedjet and Deshret as the inner and outer galactic circuit of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Electric Galaxy
Electric Galaxy - Galactic current circuit with the galaxy as a unipolar inductor.

At Karnak Temple the hieroglyphs below explain that charge is being offered to the inner galaxy from the outer galactic circuit and corresponding Birkeland Current which provides God's Electricity. This is done to support life in the universe explained by the Ankh.

Karnak Temple Galactic Electricity
Karnak Temple, Luxor - From Right to Left is the Supply of Charge from the Birkeland Current to the Outer and then Inner Galaxy Supporting Life

On the right Hapi as the Birkeland Current is shown kneeling down gifting charge as the nourishment and received power to support life in the Galaxy. He is defined by the hieroglyphs on his head, that label him as the Confined plasma river that support the electric field seperating the anode Stars.

An attribute of the received power is explained as the negative charges supplied to the Outer Galaxy and are again referenced as God's negative charges. This is referring to the electricity that comes from the Universe to support life in the Galaxy. The people behind events like the Christchurch Earthquakes disobey ancient scripture by using God's Electricity to destroy life on Earth for greed.

Next to the Deshret in the middle, charge is being offered from the outer to inner galaxy expressed by the pots and Sceptre. The hieroglyphs adjacent to him read: Receiving power to support life via the anode, many vortices produce glow discharges injecting supported charge store as celestial body, absorbing negative charge to the land.

The Atef is on the left and shown holding the sceptre and ankh as the inner galactic core receives this power to support life, the hieroglyphs adjacent to the Atef read: Electric force waves resonant induction many negative charges to support anode depositing negative charge as electric induction supporting life, receiving resonant negative charges. Between the inner (Hedjet) and outer (Deshret) galaxy it is written: Attribute of Plasma circuit supporting the anode and resonant negative charges. Gods many negative charges of the aether, electrostatic negative charge lightning create many vortices. Attribute of Stars is birkeland current, giving glow discharge God's Electric induction supporting life. Stars scavenging vortice electric force projects negative charge to store. Stars anode collection [something] magnification [something]

Between the outer galaxy (Deshret) and the Birkeland Current Hapi it reads: Attribute of Faraday action is moving charge (current), supported anode wave stability [plasma?]. Attribute of Electrostatic Faraday action [plasma?] many stores projection wave deposits many waves received by [anode circuit]...

Above Hapi as the Birkeland Current, it reads: Attribute of received power is [negative charge collection, something] as Gods many negative charges. Collection star wave of the anodic lands, scavenging vortice electric force [something] projects negative charge [something]. Orbitting/entrapped anodic celestial body has many negative charge collections, anode collects electrostatic scavenging projection connection supporting the anode.

There are also examples at Karnak Temple explaining how negative charge is absorbed into the land via lightning or arc mode discharge to the Pyramids in order to support life in the cosmos, see below:

Winged Sun Karnak Temple
Winged Sun, Karnak Temple

The lower line reads: Support life on entrapped (orbitting) celestial body, support electric potential lightning connection electric induction supporting life collected many times, conducted to Pyramid to support life via dielectric to absorb negative charge to land.



Above text is confirmation that the collection of many negative charges powers lightning or arc mode discharge to the pyramid charging the Earth.

Criosphinx at Karnak Temple

Karnak Criosphinx
Karnak Temple Criosphinx

The Criosphinx is a Ram's head on a Lions body, and is shown along the avenue lining the main entrance at Karnak Temple. Unlike the Sphinx on the Giza Plateau that defines charging of the Earth using Pyramids, the Criosphinxes lining the entrance at Karnak Temple represent the double layers within the galaxy.

The Lion's body symbolises Magnification and the Ram's head is the Shield, together the Criosphinx defines a double layer and its effect.

The Great Sphinx explains how the charging of planet Earth creates an ionospheric waveguide and double layer that magnifies waves in an easterly direction, building local charge. This then shields the planet as the sheath of the double layer is defined by the Ram horn. The purpose of charging the earth is to support life on planet Earth, which is explained by the hieroglyph of the Ankh and the hieroglyphs for Khnum.

Criosphinx Stele Karnak Temple
Criosphinx Stele - Entrance of Karnak Temple, Luxor

The Stele and the hieroglyphs on the Criosphinx have degraded, but it is clear that charge is being received to support life in the Universe. The stele between the Criosphinxes reads from left to right rather than right to left, apparent due to the orientation of the cartouches and animals on the stele. The cartouches at the top Show Ptah, Absorbing negative charge using resonance via birkeland current, and also Khepri conduction at resonant wave of cosmic rays/plasma ejection.

The hieroglyphs below read. Support life with strong electric field of the Sun and Galactic collection operation that sews in and collects charge, attribute of strong electric field of the sun is anode that 'scavenges' and ejects, operate weak electric field of the anode nebula wing to receive negative charge to the core. Operate weak electric field deposit vortice to operate collection via magnetic quadrupole many negative charges, strong electric field supports anode connection, great wave negative charge celestial body collection operation seek many anodic lands and many electric fields. Extract negative charges from aether to anodic lands, [cartouche] resonant celestial body Khepri (Alfven wave) conduction sewn in and collect cosmic ray waves. Orbitting celestial body is anode supported by collection of many negative charges. [Cartouche] attribute of collection (ptah) negative charge resonance via birkeland current] to the pyramid. Support life by receiving power from the dielectric vacuum of space to support a charge store, collection attribute of supporting the strong electric field is absorption of negative charge into the land of many celestial bodies watched over wave deposited seek cosmic ray/(plasma ejection) negative charge wave deposited collected, cosmic rays/plasma ejection wave collected? at celestial body, land, many negative charges to anode. [End text degraded] Project/great absorption depositing anodic wave collected to deposit negative charge collection, plasma ejection wave/cosmic rays Aether and Gods negative charge to anode land, seek and monitor resonant negative charges of the anode Suns circuit]

The text explains that God's Electricity supports life as it is being projected to absorb negative charge into the land, creating sheaths around celestial bodies to support life in the universe.

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