Ammits name describes the operation of double seeking or devouring negative charge, and is the underlying mechanism of an Electric Star. Her body parts represent the cosmic Z-Pinch which underlies the circuit of the stellar discharge / star.

Ammit is a composite animal with the head of a Crocodile, the torso of a Lion, and the hindquarters of a Hippopotamus. In the Book of the Dead, now accurately deciphered as The Book of the Suns Electric Field, she is shown devouring the Pot which is a store of charge when Thoth detects that the Electric Potential between the electric field of the sun as Anubis is greater than the galactic plasma surrounding it shown as the feather. This drives the Z-Pinch magnifier known as Ammit.


The Crocodile head describes the Z-Pinch, because the Crocodile has the largest pinch force of any animal currently measured on Earth. Known as Sobek, the Z-Pinch is the underpinning principle of a stellar discharge / star, caused by electrical discharge in plasma, shown as feeding the pot meaning electric charge to the Crocodiles mouth in The Book of the Suns Electric Field. The Z-Pinch is caused by current flow compressed inwardly by induced magnetic fields, this can be so intense that plasma is squeezed down into solid particles. Stars and galaxies are thought to owe their existence to massive electric currents forming cosmic z-pinches in the vast clouds of plasma propelled through the Universe by larger electromagnetic fields. Hu describes the mechanism and how God creates in his Electric Kingdom.

The Lion as the torso describes magnification at the Z-Pinch, this is because the lion is one of the loudest animals on Earth. It achieves this not because of lung capacity, but because of a flat square vocalcord, that magnifies sound more efficiently. The lions in Aker show the location of magnification at the magnetic poles of a star. Plasma is compressed inwardly forming an hourglass shape or stellar pinch allowing energy to be magnified.

The hindquarters of a Hippopotamus symbolizes Tawaeret. Her hieroglyphs describe the ejection from the virtual cathode or negative projector, this is where there is an intense plasma sheath or electric field known as the heliosphere surrounding the Sun and planets. We know that she forms part of the nourishment of electricity to a star, because she is female with her breasts exposed and without horns. She is also one of the largest animals on Earth with a jaw that opens up to 180 degrees.

Electric Field Sun
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