Aker - Dynamics of the Suns Solar Circuit

Aker is the dynamics of the Suns Solar Circuit. The hieroglyphs for Aker describe the projection of the Suns magnetic pole to 'scavenge' for charge. Aker does not mean 'The Horizon'.

Fine Ring Nebula Aker Magnification
Aker or Ruti and the Akhet showing dynamics of the Suns Solar Circuit

The picture to the left shows the Akhet, or the Sun and its magnetic stellar dipole, supported on the back of two Lions, each meaning magnification.

Ulysses solar probe observed spiral magnetic fields located at both the north and south poles of the Sun. Each of these magnetic poles is represented by the mountain peak or hill, recognised as the Akhet.

The Lion represents magnification. Its roar is one of the loudest sounds any animal on Earth can make, comparable to a jet engine, at 114dB. It achieves this not because of extra lung capacity, but it actually has an unusual set of vocal cords which have a flat, square shape, magnifying the sound more efficiently converting lung pressure into acoustic energy. This characteristic of the Lion is used in the Akhet to explain the dynamics of the Sun's two magnetic poles projected into space.

The Lions are held together by the plasma link at the top, explained in further detail by Nut, showing how the Sun is connected to the Galactic circuit.

The Akhet describes the Hannes Alfven Solar Circuit viewed on a perpendicular plane. The Lions are looking into a lotus flower to symbolise filamentary glow discharge of the Suns plasma wing, lotus flowers close at night and sink underwater, with petals that beautify the dark, they represent the light in the dark of space. The Ibis bird Thoth, shown to one side describes the electric potential.

Aker - Hannes Alfven Solar Circuit
Hannes Alfven Solar Circuit shown Perpendicular (North - South Axis is B2 Horizontal).

Aker - Solar Circuit of the Electric Sun
Aker - Solar Circuit of the Electric Sun

The Hannes Alfven Solar Circuit is shown on its perpendicular plane, with the North - South poles horizontal along axis (B2) supported by the Lions matching the picture of Aker.

The Sun acts as a homopolar inductor producing an electron current (I) which goes outward along the poles (B2) and inward in the equatorial plane along the magnetic fields (B1) known as Amentet.

The circuit must close at large distances (B3) and connect to the galactic circuit. Like the Earth's auroral circuit, there may be double layers (DL) which should be located symmetrically along the Sun's axis. Such double layers have yet to be discovered but are explained as the Lion smelling the lotus flower above and in many ancient texts such as in Nefertari's Tomb.

The Ulysses space probe discovered Birkeland currents at the poles of the Sun and the Lions each explain the dynamics of the magnetic pole as it connects to the Galactic circuit.

In the Book of the Suns Electric Field, Aker is shown carrying Khepri, as the Scarab Beetle, meaning projected Current defining the Plasma or Alfven Wave supported by the circuit.

Aker is also connected with the Set Animal, as he describes the mechanism where the currents join to the Sun as received power.

Alternative names for Aker...

Aker is sometimes shown with the Ankh supported by the dipole magnetic field, defining the Suns magnetic stellar dipole supporting life. Grain is often shown within the dipole magnetic field as Neper holds the projected energy of the Sun within this field.

Aker Inherkau
Aker, Tomb of Inherkau

Hannes Alfven Unipolar Inductor Diagram

Hannes Alfen Heliospheric Circuit shown on its perpendicular plane, with North South axis along B2 Horizontal, the same orientation as shown by Aker.

Hannes Alfven Solar Circuit
Hannes Alfven Heliospheric Circuit

A: The rotation of the Sun generates a unipolar inductor, which is the primary electromotive force. Charge build-up at the poles expels the charge in an axial current, with half of it going in each direction. Explained in further detail by Atum

B1: The inductor draws in current at the equator, but since currents tend to follow magnetic field lines, they actually arrive at auroral latitudes.

B2: The current is driven by repulsion from the e.m.f.

B3: Repulsion at B2 and attraction at B1 form a closing current.

C: The primary supply flows in on the equatorial plane explained in further detail by Amentet.

DL: The charge stream will surely induce a balancing double-layer, outside of which there will be no electric field shown by the lotus flower.

I0: The current was estimated at 3,000,000,000 Amps.


Below is the Akhet inside Nefertari Tomb. It is damaged but you can still see the top of the Cobra positioned in the center between the two magnetic poles of the Sun, the Cobra thus positioned on the Suns equatorial plane. See Sekhmet for further info about this particular Cobra, and how it creates what is called the "Solar Wind".

Akhet - Nefertari Tomb
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