The hieroglyphs for Taweret describe the negative charge projected by the electric field of the heliosphere and scavenged inwardly, Amentet then describes how this negative charge is focused toward to the anode star inside the heliosphere.

Like the lights of a great city at night, stars are lit at great distances from where their power is being generated. Each star forms the focus of a Z-Pinch in the current stream, explained by Sobek. Current flows along Birkeland Currents, sometimes in dark mode and this is explained in further detail by Hapi.

The plasma sheath or heliosphere surrounding a star, protects whats inside the heliosphere from the electrical environment outside. It is this electrical interaction around stars that is believed to be symbolized by Taweret. The boundary of the heliosphere is what drives the voltage of the Sun, and it acts as a cosmic ray accelerator, shown by the Ejection or Snake hieroglyph in Tawarets name. Known as the Virtual Cathode.

Taweret is female and therefore defines the circuitry of the cosmos as the nourishment of negative charge. Her hieroglyphs explain her as the ejection of negative charge projected by the electric field to 'scavenge' negative charge. The Snake is not resting on an anode as Taweret represents the negative charge projected and savanged toward the anode Star.

Taweret Sun
Taweret - Electric Sun (Nourishment of negative charge within heliosphere)

The Hippopotamus is the third largest living land mammal, after elephants and white rhinos and the largest land animal without horns or tusks. Taweret is often shown with exposed breasts therefore showing that she forms part of the electrical nourishment, which is the supply of negative charge to a star. [Her offspring were traditionally known as Amen and Ra.]

Hippos consume on average some 40-68kg of vegetation per night, and have the largest mouths of any land animal and the secondlargest mouth of any animal of the planet (after the whales). With their big barrel shaped bodies and breasts, hippos symbolize the heliosphere and the great nourishment of negative charge to its anode core. Further detail is explained by the component body parts known as Ammit.

Taweret forms the Hindquarters of Ammit meaning she forms part of the fundamental function of a star, which is the great nourishment of negative charge scavenged by the heliosphere.

To show this special characteristic of milk production, the Taweret faience vessel below on the right has holes in her breasts, and as she is filled up with liquid that would pour from her symbolizing the nourishment of negative charge to a star.

Taweret Hippopotamus
Taweret at Edfu in Egypt, Hippopotamus and Taweret faience vessel.
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